Why should we hire you? What are your weaknesses? What motivates you in the job? Tell us about yourself, and so on. Everyone who went to a couple of job interviews has faced each of these questions at least once.

We decided to analyze the common interview questions in detail, because many job seekers struggle with them. Reading the analysis of a question should help you understand why the employer asks the question, what they try to find out, and what they want to hear from you. Typically we come up with 7 great sample answers to each question (sometimes even more answers). Enjoy!

* If you cannot see your question on the list, try the search button in the header of this page. We have 7 sample answers online for dozens of questions, but below is just a short selection of the most popular ones.

For shorter analysis of 15 most common interview questions, check the interview questions and answers article. And if you’d like to see premium answers to over 100 interview questions, check our Interview Success Package. Thank you.

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