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Five job applicants are waiting for their interview, sitting on white chairs. They are in a good mood, not looking nervous at all.

Motivation is everything. A man who really wants the job, will work much better than someone who only needs one.

And this is exactly what we try to understand when asking you the questions:

Or do you apply just becasue you have no money, or because you can not find any better position?

Needless to say, if we are unemployed and need money (and who doesn’t find themselves in these shoes once in a while?), we will apply for multiple job offers. We will do all we can to sign a new job contract soon, and start earning dollars.


You do not have to say only the truth in an interview

Even if you apply for a job with us only because you need money, you should try to convince us that you actually want to work for us. 

You should present a clear and realistic reason for your choice. It can be your enthusiasm for the job, your past experience, your preference for our brand, or anything else that makes sense.

You can even say that someone else recommended you the position, a friend who works at the company. It is not easy for the interviewers to tell whether you are telling the truth–at least when we speak about this interview question. Therefore you can say whatever you want, trying to improve your chances in an interview.


Sample answers and explanation

I read the job description carefully and studied the website of your company, trying to understand what you do, and what will be expected from me in this job. Studying the materials I realized that I am a good applicant for the position, and that I would enjoy doing the job.A man is explaining his motivation in a job interview, gesticulating with hands, keeping eye contact with the HR generalist.

To refer to the job description is a great idea. Show us that you did your homework, show us that you understand what will be expected from you in the job.

If possible, try to mention some details from the job offer. For example, you can say that you like to work in the afternoon, and that the working hours from 10am to 6pm suit you perfectly. Adding numbers and details will lend some authenticity to your answer, and help you to convince the interviewers about your honest interest to have the job.


I like routine jobs, and I had a job of an office manager before. I really like the work in administrative, it suits my personality and skills.

Referring to your past experience, or your preference for certain type of work, is also a good answer. What’s more, you can elaborate on it, mentioning the working duties you had in your past job, and how they match the things you’d do in your new occupation.

Once again, it is important to speak with enthusiasm, so the interviewers won’t doubt the authenticity of your words.

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I like your company, the products and services you offer. My entire family belongs to your customers, and I will be proud to work for you.

Honest compliment will always help you in an interview. If you like their brand or use their services, you should definitely mention it in your answer.

Former customers are often the best employees. You can even say exactly how the products of the company help you, showing the interviewers that you understand the value their company brings to the market, and see a meaningful purpose in the job you’d do with them.
Interview takes place in a cafeteria. We can see both applicant and HR manager drinking coffee

I really believe that your company can benefit from having me on board. I have studied your product portfolio, your values and goals, as well as the challenges this industry faces. I believe that my skills and experience can help you to achieve your goals. That is why I applied.

Interviewers love job applicants who do not think only about their salary, but can actually talk about the value they can bring to the company. If you convince us of your honest interest to help us, and that you actually have the skills to help us, you will get a lot of points for your interview answer.

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