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Job interview in a Japaneese company. Interviewers are proud of their company and ask job candidates what they know about it.

Job seekers typically apply for multiple job offers, and you have probably done the same thing.

Trying to improve our chances of getting a job, we submit more job applications. Why wouldn’t we when modern technologies allow us to apply for a job with a few clicks of a mouse? 

Employers are not naive. At least most of them aren’t :). And while they do not expect people to apply with them only, they still try to find out why we applied for a job with them.

Your answer to “what do you know about our company“question helps them to understand your reasons, your commitment (if there’s any), and your motivation.

Wrong answers to the question

Let’s start with explaining how you should NOT answer this question:

  • I do not know much about your company. I thought I would learn more about it in this interview. (A bad answer, suggesting that you did not do any research prior to the interview.)
  • I know that you are looking for a new marketing manager and that’s why I am here. I do not know anything else. (Another wrong answer. To realistically understand if you can handle a managerial job in any company, you have to know something about that company–their business, products, and values. This answer would make no sense to any skilled recruiter.)
  • I do not know anything. I applied for many job offers and did not have time to research about every company. (Obviously this is the worst possible answer .)


people are in a good mood in an interviewDo your research, find something you can compliment them for

You should do some research prior to the interview with the company. Try to learn more about the following areas:

  • Biggest achievements of the company, and their key employees.
  • Company culture and working environment, basic salary and benefits, shift patterns.
  • The vision they follow and long term goals they pursue (you can typically find the information on their website).
  • Working duties for the position you try to get with them (job description will typically help you to understand what you’d do in the company).
  • Their product portfolio, their services, simply what they do in the company, and how it helps other people, or business entities.

The main goal of your research is to find something interesting, something you can praise in an interview, something that can resonate as your reason for prioritizing one employer to another…


Real answers to the questions (from job seekers), with explanations

Your company specializes in export-import and is active mainly in CIS marketplace. Since I have experience with the market, and I do speak Russian fluently, I see it as a good place for work.

This applicant did more than just summarizing what the company specializes in. They used the opportunity to show the interviewers why they are a good match for the offer.


A lively discussion in a job interview. we can see four people dressed in business atire, talking to each other and gesticulatingI googled some information about your company. I found good reviews, and interesting products. What is more, your former employees said some great things about you on social media. I actually believe that I know quite a lot now, and can create a good picture of your working environment.

Instead of just checking the corporate website, the job seeker spent time reading reviews, and checking feedback from past employees, which they decided to share publicly on social media. This is a clear sign of a strong interest to get a job.


Your vision has really caught my eye. I like the way you approach your customers and the long term goals you try to achieve with your activities. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to help you with achieving these worthy goals.

Most managers are proud of the vision and long term goals of their company. To point out these goals is definitely a great way to answer the question. What is more, you can mention how you could contribute to achieving their goals. Every interviewer will be satisfied with such an answer.


Your company is the leading player in terms of to market share and ROI in this market segment in Chicago. What is more, your numbers are getting only better each year. You must be employing only professionals in your company. And that is also one of the reasons why you should have me onboard…

Market share, profit, revenues, etc. Mentioning them in a positive relation to the company is the music for the ears of the hiring managers, and other leading figures from the company.

What’s more, they will see that you are interested in the right things – the profit and the prosperity of the company, not only your paycheck, and personal achievements.


A friendly handshake of two people from the sphere of business.

I have read a lot about your company. The open space offices, lounge for the employees, and team building activities you organize sound really interesting. It seems like a great place to work and grow professionally. At least I would say that, according to the information I have found about your company.

HR people are typically responsible for team building activities, and for other benefits we enjoy (or at least most of us enjoy them:)).

Speaking nicely about these things, you are in fact praising the HR people–and they will often lead an interview with you. Such an answer can easily help you to win them over…

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Do your research, find something you can praise, connect it with your interest for the job, and you have the perfect answer to this interview question. Show them that you did your homework, that you care, and that you are truly interested to get a job with them.

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