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A job candidate is handing her resume to the interviewer. They look each other in the eyes, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Most interviews in retail and customer service do not belong to difficult interviews.

But when you apply for a job in a popular company (for example STARBUCKS, or McDonald’s, or Subway, or Penny), you will face a competition of some other job seekers, and you will have to do better than them.

The following articles should help you to understand what to expect in your interview, how to prepare for it, and how to convince the interviewers to hire you.  

Articles are ordered alphabetically.

  • Administrative Assistant interview questions – Ten common interview questions and answers for AA job applicants.
  • Bakery interview questions – 7 tough questions that will test your readiness for a typical day in a busy bakery.
  • Barista interview questions – Would you like to work for one of the famous coffee retailers, or perhaps just for a local bar? Understanding the common questions and the nuances of this interview will help you to get rid of stress.
  • Bartender interview questions – There are some differences between bartenders and  baristas, and these reflect also in the interview questions. Learn how to make the right impression and start working in your favorite bar or club.
  • Cashier interview questions – One of the easiest interviews, but one can still make a mistake. Check the common questions and answers for this position.
  • Call Center Operator interview questions – Behavioral questions and a role play awaits you in this interview. Learn how to satisfy the hiring managers with your answers.
  • Catering interview questions – List of 10 questions you may get while trying to get a job with a catering company.
  • Chef interview questions – With excellent references and cooking skills, you’ll easily become a chef. But what if you don’t have any references? Can you still succeed?
  • Coffee shop interview questions – What do you like about coffee? How would you deal with a rude customer? These are two of ten questions we analyze in the article.
  • Concierge interview questions – The first point of contact, and someone hotel guests can rely on. Will this be your next job?
  • Cook interview questions – Skill matters more than words in this case. But you will have to answer some questions. Learn how to do it the right way.
  • Customer Service interview questions – Ten tough interview questions for customer service positions in general.
  • Data Entry Clerk interview questions – Learn how to answer the most common questions, and a practical test you will often have to handle in this interview.
  • Dishwasher interview questions – There’s no shame in washing dishes, as long as you need money, or seek your first working experience. Learn how to get this job in an interview.
  • Event Manager interview questions – education doesn’t really matter for this role, and most applicants won’t have relevant working experience. In such scenarios, the interview answers, and personal preferences of the interviews, decide who will get the job at the end.Will it be you?
  • Executive secretary interview questions – Everything will be just a bit better, or harder in this job. You’ll respond for more duties than a typical secretary does, they’ll expect a bit more from you in the job, and you’ll earn a bit more money.
  • Food runner interview questions – Running from kitchen to tables and back can be fun. But how to get this job in an interview?
  • Food Service Worker interview questions – People just love to eat. They want to, they have to, and they will often go out to satisfy their stomachs. There are countless job openings in food service industry right now, and we will show you what will happen if you apply for one of them.
  • Grocery Store interview questions – They care mostly about your motivation and willingness to learn in this interview. Learn how to convince them.
  • Hostess interview questions – Learn what to expect and how to get this job in ten minutes time.
  • Hotel interview questions – General questions you may get while applying for any position in a hotel industry.
  • Kitchen manager interview questions – Running a busy kitchen is fun, as long as you do not get crazy from the workload. But can you get the job in the interview?
  • Legal Secretary interview questions – You will compete with many other applicants for this popular job title. Learn how to stand out, and get the job.
  • Librarian interview questions – Do you love books? So do we! Learn how to get a job in a public library, and do what you love.
  • Office Clerk interview questions – First step on your career ladder, or a good options for earning some extra income, office clerk is an interesting job. You will do a bit of everything, including answering phones, filling data, opening (or closing) envelopes, scheduling appointments, and other clerical duties.
  • Pizza maker interview questions – Once you know how to make a pizza, you will always find a job, anywhere in the world. Because people love pizza. And what will they inquire about in an interview?
  • Receptionist interview questions – Do you want to work in a hotel, in a hospital, or in any other building as a receptionist? Our list of ten common interview questions and answers should help you to sign a new job contract.
  • Restaurant interview questions – You can expect an atypical and informal interview, led by the restaurant manager, or by the owner of the restaurant. Learn how to make a good impression.
  • Retail interview questions – Most typical questions for retail interviews in general.
  • Salon interview questions – Everyone wants to look good, and people are ready to pay crazy sums of money for a new haircut. Start working in a salon and eat your fraction of that juicy pie.
  • Secretary interview questions – Personal preferences play a role in a secretary interview. Learn how to make a good impression on your interviewers, how to connect with them on both professional and personal level.
  • Security Guard interview questions – Six questions you will have to handle to get this job in an interview.
  • Sous chef interview questions – Learn the difference between the interview for a job of a chef and a sous chef, and learn how to ace it.
  • Stocker interview questions – An easy interview once you know how to introduce yourself and show your motivation to work hard.
  • Virtual assistant interview questions – A tricky interview, typical done online. Learn how to answer the questions and make the right impression on your new boss.
  • Waitress interview question – High employee turnover and lack of good waitresses make your situation easier. But you still cannot remain silent in your interview…
  • Warehouse worker interview questions – We live in the world of material goods, and someone needs to take care of storing and transporting the stuff. Are you ready to get in?

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