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A job candidate is handing her resume to the interviewer. They look each other in the eyes, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Most interviews in retail and customer service do not belong to difficult interviews. Still, if you apply for a job in a popular company (for example STARBUCKS, or McDonald’s, or Subway, or Penny), you will face a competition of some other job seekers, and you will have to do better than them.

The following articles should help you to understand what to expect in your interview, how to prepare for it, and how to convince the interviewers to hire you.  

  • Customer Service – Ten tough interview questions for customer service positions in general.
  • Secretary Interview – Personal preferences play a role in a secretary interview. Learn how to make a good impression on your interviewers, how to connect with them on both professional and personal level.
  • Administrative Assistant – Five common interview questions and answers for AA job applicants.
  • Barista Interview – Would you like to work for one of the famous coffee retailers, or perhaps just for a local bar? Understanding the common questions and the nuances of this interview will help you to get rid of stress.
  • Cashier Interview – One of the easiest interviews, but one can still make a mistake. Check the common questions and answers for this position.
  • Security Guard
  • Receptionist Interview Questions – Do you want to work in a hotel, in a hospital, or in any other building as a receptionist? Our list of ten common interview questions and answers should help you to sign a new job contract.
  • Hostess Interview – Learn what to expect and how to get this job in ten minutes time.
  • Restaurant Interview – You can expect an atypical and informal interview, led by the restaurant manager, or by the owner of the restaurant.
  • Retail Interviews – Most typical questions for retail interviews in general.
  • Stocker Interview
  • Call Center Operator – Behavioral questions and a role play awaits you in this interview.

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Matthew Chulaw

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