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Nice young teacher with red hair interviews in front of a school principal and a representative of a local department of education. One of the most rewarding job fields, teaching and education administration attracts a lot of job seekers.

Emotional intelligence matters more than IQ, your personality and motivation counts more than your degree and previous working experience.

Can you convince the hiring committee that you have what it takes to become a great teacher, or an excellent assistant principal? Read the articles below to find the answer.

  • Teacher Interview Questions – Five common questions, the basics of the teaching interview that every job applicant should understand.
  • Assistant Principal Interview Questions – School principal, a specialized HR committee, or a local Department of Education¬†will lead the interview with you. You will have to deal with many behavioral questions, and convince them that you can bring some value to the school.
  • Elementary Teacher – Six common interview questions and a guide on how to present yourself as a good candidate for this job.
  • Principal Interview Questions – 16 interview questions for people who try to get the most prestigious job at school. Can you answer each question?
  • School Counselor – 21 interview questions for this interesting job. Prepare for the challenging interview and walk away with a new job contract.
  • Teacher Assistant Interview – A springboard to the real teaching career, learn how to get a job of a teacher assistant.
  • Special Education Interview Questions – Special needs, special job, and a special interview. Learn what to expect and how to demonstrate the right personality for this job in an interview.
  • Preschool Teacher Interview – You won’t compete with many people in your interview, but you will have to show the right attitude, and readiness for the job. Learn how you can do it!

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Glen Hughins

Glen Hughins

Recruitment Consultant and Interview Coach from Philadelphia, Glen had worked as a school principal for fifteen years, before he started his career in recruitment consulting and interview coaching. He contributes to Interview Penguin with articles about careers and interviews in teaching, and in educational administration.
Glen Hughins

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