Hiring new employees can become pretty expensive, especially if we choose the wrong person for the job. A bad hire can cost us our reputation, the trust of our customers, and in the worst case scenario we can lose the entire business.

If you plan to hire new employees, but are not quite sure how to proceed, how to conduct the interviews, and how to ensure that you will choose the best person for the job, the section for employers on InterviewPenguin.com should help you to understand all of that. Choose one of the articles below.

  • Interviewing techniques for employers – Four basic techniques to interview job candidates. Pick the one that suits your situation and recruitment needs.
  • How to conduct an interview – A simple three step guide on conducting an interview, suitable mostly for small business.
  • Good questions to ask job candidates – A simple guide to help you understand what questions you should ask the job candidates in an interview.
  • Illegal interview questions – You should avoid asking certain questions in an interview, simply because it is not legal to ask them.
  • Interview rejection letter – A simple rejection letter is a polite way of informing the candidates who did not succeed in an interview with your company.
  • Exit interview questions and tips – Learn how to conduct the last interview with an employee who decides to leave your company. Get priceless feedback in the exit interview.
  • Bad job interview – Sometimes knowing how it shouldn’t be done helps us to understand how it should be done…
  • Funny interview questions – You can use a funny question to ease the pressure in the interview room, to help job seekers to relax, or oppositely, to surprise them with an unexpected question.

If you would like to get a tailored advice on how to conduct job interviews in your company, please contact us. We can design a custom interview template that will suit your recruitment needs perfectly (including both questions and personality tests), we can consult you on your recruitment, and we can evaluate the results of the interviews and help you decide who you should choose for the job. Thank you!

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