Prestigious colleges and best Universities will often invite applicants for a face to face interview. The interview at school differs a lot to a typical job interview. It typically takes less than twenty minutes (sometimes as little as five minutes), each applicant answers the very same questions. You will have only a few minutes to demonstrate that you deserve the place in the study program, or the scholarship.

Considering the conditions and the format of the interview, first impression, enthusiasm in your voice, and charisma are absolutely crucial for succeeding. Their questions will relate to the following areas:

  • The study program you apply for
  • Your motivation, and personality
  • What it means for you to study, and how will the school benefit from having you on board
  • Soft skills and attitudes that matter for the particular field of study
  • How do you plan to handle the difficulties of the study program


Show your maturity

Try to present yourself as a mature person. Show them that you know why you are applying for the study program, and what you want to achieve in life, once you successfully graduated and start working.  To help you to understand the nuances of various college interviews (as well as some summer jobs for students), we put together the following articles:

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  • Interview questions for teens – What changes in the hiring process when they are interviewing a teenager? What questions will they ask you, and how you should present yourself? You will find the answers in this article.
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  • Medical school interview questions – Sixteen questions they typically ask the applicants at medical school. Advice and sample answers included.
  • MBA interview questions – MBA is recognized as a prestigious degree, and it is tough to get enrolled into one of the serious MBA study programs.
  • Optometry School interview questions – The acceptance rate isn’t high at most optometry schools. Learn how to make the cut.
  • Nursing school interview questions – 12 common questions and answers that will help you to get rid of stress, and to prepare for the big day.
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  • Pharmacy school interview questions – Thought provoking guest post discussing the options of getting to the pharmacy school. (guest post)
  • PT School interview questions – Few jobs are as rewarding as a job of a physical therapist. Learn how to get to the school that will allow you to practice this profession.
  • RA interview questions – Trying to get a resident assistant job? Learn what to expect in your interview (if there is any interview).
  • Scholarship interview questions – While most schools get the funding for scholarships from the government, and want to help as many students as they can, the money do not suffice for everyone. Just a fraction of applicants will typically receive the scholarship, and we will try to help you become one of the lucky students.
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