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Five job candidates are sitting on white chairs, waiting for the start of their job interview. We can see three young women and two men in their early thirties on the picture.Many people submit one job application after another. Is it also your case?

Job search is a game of numbers, and we just use the opportunities the modern technologies and online job boards provide us.

Nevertheless, you should not be surprised when the interviewers ask inquire your intentions and your choice.

If you are serious about your application, if you really want to work for a company, you should know WHY.

You should be able to distinguish them from their competitors, and even from other companies you apply with. You should do your best to convince them that you genuinely want to work for them, and do not consider them just another employer on your long list, or perhaps your second or third option.


The truth does not always matter

Man tries to convince the hirting manager of his honest intentions to work for the companyAt the end of the day, we need to have a job, and earn money. In most cases it is the primary reason why people apply for jobs, especially if we talk about manual labor, and simple positions in retail, or administrative.

Employers should not expect (and most of them do not) you to apply for a job only with their company. It would be a stupid move on your side (betting everything on one card), and it is just not how it works today.

But once they interview you for a job, you should somehow recognize them. Tell them why they are special–in which way, and for you.

Whether true or not doesn’t matter in an interview. What is more, when we speak about this particular question, even the most skilled interviewers will find it hard to tell if your answer is honest or not.
So you can say whatever you want while trying to improve your chances of getting hired.


How to answer the question

The interviewers looks at the job candidate in disbelief, since they gave a strnage answer to their last questionA good answer is a specific one. Research the website of the company, check their reviews on Google, follow their social media activity.

Try to find things that you like about them. It can be the company culture, their vision, goals, benefits they offer for their employees, their product portfolio, etc.

And if you can not find anything to praise them for, you can always point out things such as a good traffic connection, personal recommendation you got from one of your friends, or simply that the shifts and working patterns suit you perfectly.


Sample answers

I really like the philosophy of your company. To help the local community and actively participate in the social sector is something that attracted me to your offer. I’d be proud to work for a company that follows these values, and actively participate in the local community.

I have read references from your employees online. People seem to be satisfied in your company, they seem to grow professionally at this place. What is more, your office is just ten minutes walking distance from my apartment. These are the two main reasons why I want to work for you, and not for someone else.

The system of benefits you offer to your employees is excellent. You reward the best people generously, and that is exactly the model I am looking for, since I want to be one of the best people in the company. What is more, I really like your products, and I am also your customer.

The list of working duties suits me perfectly. I have already worked on a similar position at XYZ company, and I can handle the things you do here easily, and with great precision. I’d like to continue my career in this field, and that’s why I decided to apply with you.

My goal is to make a career in a big international company. I have read a lot about your business, and considering that you are a leader in the field, and that there are so many career growth options with you, I was really motivated to apply for this job. On the top of that, I have read amazing things about your training program, and I am eager to learn a lot of things in the company.

I use your products everyday, and I consider them good quality products. I have only positive associations when it comes to your brand, and that is why I decided to apply with you.

I am a musician, I play various instruments, and music is my passion. I can’t imagine a better job than selling musical instruments, and the product selection in your store is just breathtaking.

This company has been great one day, but now you struggle. I like challenges, and I believe into my abilities. I feel ready to bring you back to the top, and that’s why I went and applied for this managerial role.

This is my first job application, and I was looking for a place where I can learn a lot, and grow professionally. I wanted to work for people who are not afraid to hire young talent and help them grow. I identified your company as such a place, and decided to apply.

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Though most people apply for a job with various companies, and do not have a favorite place for work, you should try to convince the interviewers that their company is your first choice.

Compliment them for the work their do, tell them why they are special. Help them to feel good about their work, help them to feel good in an interview with you… If you manage to do that, your chances to sign a new job contract will improve immediately.


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