Personal approach, proven system of effective coaching, online or face to face coaching, satisfaction guarantee.

This service is intended for people who apply for “hard to get” jobs (executive, management, leadership roles), and for people who struggle with their interviewing skills (experiencing anxiety, struggling to get ready for the interviews, or failing in the interviews repeatedly).

Note: If you are looking for an inexpensive do-it-yourself interview preparation guide (intended for college grads and people who are just starting their professional career), have a look at our popular Interview Success Package.

See the infographic below to understand how our tailored interview coaching service works, step by step.

Interview coaching process described in detail


Who will coach you?

Matthew Chulaw, founder of
  • I am the founder of, and wrote the majority of articles on this website, likely also the one that attracted you to visit our interview coaching page.
  • I ran a small recruitment consultancy for four years, co-operating with companies from all around the world (SIEMENS, O’Donnel Griffin, IBM, Orange Employment, are just some of my former clients).
  • Personally I interviewed more than 500 people, for a variety of jobs, ranging from office assistants to top managers and IT specialists. I led job interviews in five different countries.
  • Various events in my personal and professional life resulted in a decision to change my career. I switched from helping companies to helping job seekers. I help them to prepare for the interviews, and to succeed in their career.
  • I am confident to be ready and capable to help you to land the job of your dreams…


Frequently asked questions

Q: What software do you use for online coaching? Do I have to download anything? 

A: We use Skype, a free conference program which you probably already have on your computer. If you do not have it, you can download it here: Download Skype. If you cannot use Skype or prefer some other software, just say and we can do it.

Q: How long does the entire process of coaching take? 

A: Typically we are able to start the first session 48 hours after you placed your order. The entire coaching cycle (Order – My research – 1st Session – Creating report – Second Session – End) takes around 7 days, and it also depends on your availability to talk online, and how quickly we can arrange the schedule.

Q: I understand that you are based in Europe. When can we call then?

A: My timezone is CET, Paris, GMT + 1. Most our clients are from the US though, so I prefer to clarify the available coaching times in Eastern Standard Time (EST, UTC -5, or time in New York City if you want):

  • Monday to Friday: 7am – 3pm EST
  • Suturday: 7am – 11am EST
  • Sundays and holidays: No coaching

Don’t worry about the time though. In an order form you will clearly indicate the timetable that suits you, and we will certainly arrange a good schedule together, even if outside of my standard working hours.

Q: What is the refund policy? 

A: We offer a risk-free, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my coaching services, you will get your money back. The same applies if we can not agree on the schedule, or can not deliver the service for any other reason.

Q: What is the price for the service? How can I pay? 

A: As you can see further below on this page, the service costs $999. You can pay with your credit/debit card, or PayPal account. You will see more details on the order page. We also have an alternative to pay via a wire transfer, for arranging it please contact our customer support at sales[at]interviewpenguin[dot]com

Q: Isn’t that expensive? 

A: It isn’t expensive, considering the amount of time I spend while trying to help you get a job of your dreams. It is actually cheap. The two coaching sessions take three hours in total, and they form just a part of the work I do to help you pursue your career goals.

Count in the research I will do after getting your order (trying to come up with questions you’ll get in the particular interview, and understand your future employer and what they expect to hear from an ideal job candidate), the report you will get, the resume review I’ll do as a part of the process, and the email/chat communication we will have from the time of your order (or even before you place it) to the time of your job interview (or even after it, if you will seek feedback on things that happen on the big day).

In my experience, it takes more than fifteen hours to deliver this service, from start to finish. Divide $999 by 15, and you have less than $70 per hour, for a specialized consulting service. Of course, for some people it can be expensive, but this is a tailored coaching service, which isn’t intended for everyone…

Q: What happens with the data I submit on the order form?

A: We follow a strict personal data protection regulation (GDPR), set by the European Union. Any data you submit via the online form will be kept private, and we’ll delete them as soon as the service is delivered.

Interview coaching is a sensitive topic. We understand that most customers prefer to not talk about being coached. That is also the reasons why we do not publish any references from former customers on this page. Working with us, you can be 100% sure that no one else will know that you actually worked with an interview coach–unless you decide to share this information with someone. The choice is yours, but we do the best to protect your privacy while working with you.

Q: What is the next step?

A: Click the order now button below. You will be directed to the order page, with clear instructions on how to make a payment and proceed to the online form, to start the process from Step 1 (see the infographic on the top of the page again, to understand the process of coaching).

Q: I have more questions. Can I talk to you before ordering? 

A: Surely, you can. We can chat/talk on Skype (find me at matthew[at]interviewpenguin[dot]com), or you can simply send me an email to the same email address. I try to answer all messages within 12 hours of receiving them. Alternatively you can call our toll free line, +18332008648 (free for US based customers, for international calls standard rates apply). I typically do not answer the calls (our customer support takes care of it), but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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