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A financial maanger in work. He sits in a luxury leather chair, and has a brand new laptop on the table. We can see also a cup of coffee, and many papers in front of him.Financial sector has always attracted young and ambitious people. Clean working environment, great salaries, and prestigious job titles. Who would not want to work in a bank, or in a stock exchange?

But it is not an easy journey to get this job. Facing tough competition in every interview, you will have to demonstrate your motivation, drive, and often also your sales skills, in a difficult role play at the end of your interview. Articles below should help you to get ready for the challenge, and to get rid of job interview stress you may experience right now.

  • Accounting Interview Questions – Behavioral and technical questions, and the practical test of your accounting skills. Learn how the HR managers assess your readiness for the job of an accountant.
  • Bank Teller Interview Questions – One of the most popular jobs in the United States. Each job opening attracts dozens of job applications. You will have to prepare for the questions, and for the role play with the interviewers.
  • Financial Analyst Interview – A tough nut to crack, but a wonderful career to have. Learn how to make the right impression on your interviewers.
  • Internal Auditor – Your skills and your personality will be tested in a tough interview (typically a four stage interview process). Can you show them that you have a great auditor in you?
  • Personal Banker Interview Questions – Behavioral questions, role play, and a throughout background check. The HR managers at banks ensure you won’t forget on this interview with them.
  • Phone Banker Interview – Do you like spending hours on a call, sitting in front of a computer? Can you upsell the client of a bank while talking to them on the phone? They will test it all in an interview.
  • Private Equity Interview – There’s no way you can trick the interviewing panel in this case. Many case studies, tests, and practical and behavioral questions will help them to create a perfect picture about you.
  • Payroll Clerk Interview – Eight common questions and answers for this position. Learn what to say in your interview to make a good impression on the hiring committee.


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