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Doctor, nurse, and medical assitant are talking in the hall. We can see stethoscopes on each of them, and nice windows in the backgroundIt takes quite an effort (and a lot of money) to earn a Degree in Medicine, or in Pharmacy. Once you finally succeed to graduate from the University, you will face another obstacle–a job interview.

Plenty of competitors–other young, motivated, and eager people who have just graduated from their school, will try to get the same job you want to have.

Who will succeed? Who will walk away with a new job contract?

In most cases, the job seekers who prepared better than the others, and who understand how to answer every question, will get the job. We will try to help you become one of them. Read one of the articles below to prepare for your interview (job titles are in an alphabetical order).

* If you are preparing for an interview at nursing school, or medical school, please check the college and uni interviews section. Thank you!

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