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Interview questions for teachers differ to interview questions for call center operators. Applicant for a managerial job will not deal with the same questions as a nursing job applicant will in their interview. Preparing for your meeting with an employer, you should try to prepare specifically for your interview, and not for the general questions (unless you apply for a very basic job and expect just basic general questions).

Job fields

  • College and University interviews – If you are a student, and try to get to a medical school, or to a nursing school, or perhaps you try to get a scholarship, this section is intended to help you on your journey.
  • Customer service & office jobs & retail – From receptionist and administrative assistants, to stock workers and baristas.
  • Finance & Banking positions – Ranging from tellers to executive and consultancy positions in banking & finance.
  • Healthcare jobs – Interview questions for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and many other positions in healthcare.
  • IT & Technology interviews – Various IT jobs, interview questions for programming languages and technology jobs.
  • Management jobs interviews – Low level, mid level, and top-level management interview questions.
  • Sales & Marketing jobs – Learn how to get a job of a sales representative, or a job in a marketing department of the company. Graphic design is also included in the field.
  • Teaching and education interviews – From teacher assistant to school principal, we hope to help you ace your job interview in education.
  • Non categorized jobs – Each job can be categorized, but we did not want to create an immense number of sections on InterviewPenguin.com, and therefor we included some jobs, such as flight attendant, fire fighter, bus driver, HR generalist, law firm employee, etc. in the non-categorized section. Check it out if you can not find the job of your choice in one of the other sections.
  • Interviews in famous companies – Some companies receive more than a million job applications each year. Due to immense popularity of the giants like Google, Walmart, Amazon, etc, we prepared list of common interview questions they use while interviewing job candidates (screening and behavioral questions they use, the technical questions will be specific to the particular role you try to get with them).

* If you aren’t sure what to pick, try the search functionality in the header of this page. Thank you!

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