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A manager tries to get a job in an interview, but his facial expression suggests he's not doing well. He's wearing brown shirt and jacket, no tie, and he plays with a pen in his hands. Young and old, driven and experienced, educated and smart job seekers–all of them will compete with you in interviews for managerial jobs, trying to secure the same job contract you try to sign with an employer.

Can you outclass them? You will either need a great talent, or you will have to prepare well for your interview. We analyzed most common interview questions for a variety of common managerial positions, and we hope that you will find your job title in the selection below (in alphabetical order).

  • Branch manager interview questions – Would you like to manage a banking center, a retail store, or perhaps an office of a consulting company? Learn what to expect in your interview and turn your dream to reality.
  • Brand Manager interview questions – Sky is the limit, and you need to show creative thinking in this interview. Learn how to do it and get this amazing job.
  • Business Development Manager interview questions – Top 20 questions you may face while trying to get this position with a fancy job title, which doesn’t reflect the reality of your everyday work.
  • Call Center Manager interview questions – Your leadership and organizational skills will be tested in your interview. And much more… prepare for every possible question with us.
  • Category Manager interview questions – Different product categories require different approach to management. Can you convince the hiring managers that you understand the category you want to manage?
  • Communications Manager interview questions – 15 questions and answers for this interesting role.
  • Compliance Officer/Manager interview questions – Imagine that you discovered an executive violating the company’s code of conduct. What would you do? This is just one of the tough questions you may get while trying to sign a coveted job contract. Check the article for a list of twenty questions.
  • Construction Manager interview questions – Degree from civil engineering, and previous experience as construction supervisor or field superintendent plays a big role in this interview. If you have both of them, the success and a new job contract is not far away…
  • Customer Relationship Manager interview questions – Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. However, it doesn’t imply it is easy to retain a customer, which will be your role…
  • Delivery manager interview questions – What exactly this goal envelopes–whether it is delivery of real goods to business partners, or “delivery” of a given application, software update, or piece of code on a given day to a given client, is determined by the type and size of the company, and your job description. Let’s look at some questions you may face in each possible scenario.
  • Engagement Manager interview questions – Social following does little good if the followers don’t engage in the conversation. Can you convince the interviewers of your ability to improve and manage the engagement?
  • Engineering Manager interview questions – Your experience matters the most in this interview, but it won’t win you the job alone.
  • Executive job interview questions – The top level. What do they ask, and what you should focus on in your answers?
  • Facilities Manager interview questions – 15 questions you may have to answer in an interview, and a guide on how to handle some of them.
  • Fleet Manager interview questions – Vehicles are the biggest asset for many transportation and logistics companies. Let’s analyze 13 questions you may face in your interview.
  • Grants Manager interview questions – Everyone would love to get an access to money from foundations, donors, or government. But will you manage these resources effectively?
  • Hotel General Manager interview questions – Position of a hotel manager requires a variety of skills. Can you convince the hotel owners with your interview answers?
  • Interview questions for managers – Learn what characterize a great manager, how to demonstrate your skills in an interview, and what questions do they ask in managerial interviews in general.
  • Leadership interview questions – An essential skill for every good manager, your leadership skills will be tested in an interview for virtually any managerial job. Are you ready to demonstrate them in an interview
  • Logistics manager interview questions – 18 different questions and advice on how to answer each one of them.
  • Management Trainee interview questions – Entry level position and an interview that isn’t particularly difficult–at least when you know what will happen in the office.
  • Materials Manager interview questions – Hardly a needle will move in the production process without raw materials and other supplies. But what quantities to order, and when? You will decide about it in your new job.
  • Office Manager interview questions – This is often just a fancy name for a job of a secretary. But it’s not always the case…
  • Operations Manager interview questions – Overseeing and coordinating day to day activities of a team, department, or sometimes of an entire company, requires a variety of skills, and all of them will be tested in your interview…
  • Plant Manager interview questions – Managing a production plant is a huge challenge. And the same can be said about the interview for this job…
  • Practice Manager interview questions – Overseeing the business side of a medical practice does not differ much from overseeing daily operations of a small hotel, a retail store, or of any other similar establishment. Just the interview will be different.
  • Product manager interview questions – Learn how to convince the hiring managers that you have in you what it takes to become a great product manager.
  • Program Director interview questions – Learn what will happen in an interview for this amazing job in non-profit sector of economy.
  • Program Manager interview questions – Experience plays a big role in the selection of the best candidate, but you can get a job even if you lack experience. Learn how.
  • Project manager interview questions – One of the most exciting jobs you can have, and one of the toughest to get in a job interview…
  • Property Manager interview questions – How will you choose companies or individuals to take care of repairs and maintenance work in the properties? That’s just one of the many tricky questions you may get in this interview.
  • Restaurant manager interview questions – Managing a restaurant is a demanding task, but you will learn a lot on this position. Learn how to make a good impression in your interview, and how to answer their questions.
  • Safety Manager interview questions – 15 questions you may face in this interesting and challenging job interview.
  • Security Manager interview questions – Both technical and non-technical questions for this interesting managerial job interview.
  • Social Media Manager interview questions – If you love to browse Facebook or Instagram, why not get a job in which you can be paid for doing that?
  • Store Manager interview questions – You can learn a lot, and earn a lot, while managing a busy store. But first you have to succeed in this tricky interview.
  • Supervisor interview questions – The first step on the imaginary leader leading to top management jobs. We will help you to make the first step and sign your first job contract as a supervisor.
  • Supply Chain Manager interview questions – Overseeing and managing supply chain and logistic strategy is a tough proposition. You will have a direct impact on the success, or failure of the company, and the employer will expect a lot from you. Your reward will be a six figure salary, and a job you can be proud of. But firstly you need to ace this tough interview.
  • Team Leader interview questions – Regardless of whether you lead a group of construction workers, flight attendants, waitresses, call center operators, or assembly line workers, you’ll have the same duties as a leader. Logically the questions are always similar. Let’s have a look at them.
  • Technical Account Manager interview questions – Ready to get a job with one of the tech giants? Our interview answers will help you stand out.
  • Vendor Management interview questions – If you excel in negotiation and enjoy the process, this may be the right job for you.

* If you did not find your job title in the selection, try checking sales and marketing jobs, or non-categorized positions. Thank you!

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