Demonstrating your sales skills in a role play, or showcasing your design skills directly in an interview. These are just some of the challenges you will deal with if you want to get a job in sales, or in marketing. We will try to help you to learn how to answer the interview questions, and how to convince them that you can bring an actual value to their teams. Check the job titles below (arranged in alphabetical order).

  • Account Executive interview questions – Balancing between customer service, management, and sales, you will need to demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities in this interview.
  • Art Director interview questions – This is as far as you can get in advertising and marketing. Learn the ins and outs of the hiring process for this fascinating job.
  • Car Salesman interview questions – Sky is the limit for an excellent car dealer. But before you can fly up to the skies, you have to succeed in this tricky interview.
  • Communications Specialist interview questions – What really happens in a company is often of a secondary importance. What the public thinks matters. And that will be your goal–to market the company in the best possible light.
  • Content Strategist interview questions – Great content is a foundation stone of each successful marketing or advertising campaign. Can you plan the right strategy, and implement it across the company?
  • Creative Director interview questions – One of the top positions you can get in marketing and advertising. Experience matters here, but some tricky questions can definitely catch you off guard.
  • Graphic Design interview questions – A great job to have, and an interesting interview to go to. Learn how to prepare your work portfolio, and how to convince them that you understand what it means to be a good designer in a corporate sphere.
  • Marketing interview questions – Do you apply for an entry level job in marketing? You can expect them to test your creativeness and ideas with a couple of practical exercises. Behavioral and personal questions will help the hiring managers to create a complete picture of your skills and personal traits.
  • Marketing Specialist interview questions – Many people brand themselves as marketing specialists. It is easy to do it on a social network, but it is much harder to prove your expertise in an interview…
  • Market Research Analyst interview questions – Describe a process for forecasting the sales of a new product. Tell us about the worst prediction you ever made as a market researcher. These are just two of many questions you may face in your interview. Learn how to answer them.
  • Media Planner interview questions – 15 questions you may face while interviewing for this fancy job.
  • Merchandiser interview questions – Having many different products in a retail store is one thing. Displaying them in a way that stimulates customers to make a purchase another. That will be your goal once you get this interesting job.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales interview questions – Not the most ethical job in the world, but one which can teach you a lot about human society, and also about yourself…
  • Promoter interview questions – Promoting an event, club, or a brand, you’ll need a variety of skills, and also some courage and resilience. You’ll have to demonstrate these in an interview.
  • Public Relations interview questions – You will find countless job openings in the field, ranging from PR Managers to Spokespersons and Social Media Managers, and we will have a look at some questions you may face in each of these interviews.
  • Purchasing Agent interview questions – 15 difficult questions you may face in this interview.
  • Real Estate Agent interview questions – People will always buy and sell their properties. This job is much tougher now as it was ten years ago, but you can still earn a lot if you excel in it. Can you get it in an interview, however?
  • Sales Engineer interview questions – Meeting with decision makers, closing big deals, selling exciting products and services, and earning more than $100,000 annually. But how to get this amazing job in an interview?
  • Sales interview questions – To recruit a good salesman is an art, not a science. And it is always a risk. Job seekers find themselves in a better positions than the employers do… Learn what matters in this atypical interview.

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