Most companies start by having a phone interview first with an applicant before they have the face-to-face interviews. Not many people get this opportunity, so it is important that you already make an impression by then. It’s your best chance to win the face to face interview invitation. That’s why it is crucial to learn few phone interview tips.

You should know that there is just not enough time and human resources to conduct face-to-face interviews with all the applicants. The number of applicants for a good job can easily reach up to thousands.. That’s why they have to make the number smaller, and a phone interview is a good selection tool.

That is why information about phone interview tips is so popular, especially among the job seekers. For some, the ringing of the phone is the sound that brings dread. While to others, it is rather very normal.

If you are one of those who still shake at the sound of the telephone, here are some helpful phone interview tips that may help you succeed or at least, improve your chances. Even professionals still live by these phone interview tips.


One of the phone interview tips is to smile on the phoneSmile on the phone!

It is true that your interviewer might not be able to see you through the telephone, but a smile can actually be seen through the telephone. It may surprise you, but there is a very different feel in a interview if you just smiled. A smile can make you sound more relaxed and impress your interviewer with your enthusiastic-sounding attitude. It shows the interviewer that you can’t wait to get started.


A good and professional attitude is what many employers look for in employees – take it also as one of the phone interview tips.

You shouldn’t chew something or eat during the phone interview. This is a must. Whatever you do, never do this because that would be the fastest way to get your application denied. And it’s not only because it doesn’t sound very good, but it is also rude and unprofessional. It implies that you are not taking the interviewer and the interview itself seriously.

How you conduct yourself in the phone interview will reflect how you will conduct yourself in the workplace. No matter how highly recommended you are, or how impressive your application is or how many phone interview tips you have seen. The employer will always want an employee that knows how to respect the superiors.


Walk when you are being interviewed on the phone.

Stand up and walk around the room. This may help you relax but it is also a good technique to make your voice clearer and louder. A loud and clear voice is important for the interviewer to understand your answers and see if you are confident in your answers as well. Take in account these phone interview tips, as they are essential for success.

Another don’t is with mumbling your words or pausing as if to think, uttering syllables like “Err…” and “Umm…” This is also the same for face-to-face interviews. Mumbling and stopping in mid-sentences to say “Err” or “Umm” makes it look like you are either uncertain of your answer or nervous. Or in the worst case, for some recruiters it indicates that you are not telling the truth – and that’s a big problem for your application. Showing your nervousness to a potential employer is a definite no-no. You have to be confident that you can do the job and do it right.

If you doubt yourself, how can the company have confidence in your abilities?


This woman is a bit nervous on the line... Another of phone interview tips: Concentration emphasizes your interest

You have to give your interviewer 100% of your concentration. You cannot answer the questions given to you properly with the sound of the television booming in the background or the pull of the music. You know, it makes a very different impression if you walk with your phone to a calm place, turn everything down and concentrate purely on the call. That’s the attitude recruiters look for in the phone interviews.


The first impression is made just once

When we speak about the first impression on a phone, it’s done with the introduction. It’s it very important to answer the phone appropriately anytime an unknown number is calling you. You never know when the potential employer is calling you. When you are in a process of job search,  always answer such a calls with enthusiasm in your voice, stating your first name. For example: “Hello, this is Jane”. That’s a good way to make a good first impression on the interviewers. Use these phone interview tips to make a great first impression.

There are times when you will need to refresh yourself with a glass of water after talking for a long time. The length of an interview varies. Some interviews take longer than others. If you do a lot of talking, you will eventually need to quench the thirst. Do not hesitate to ask the interviewer for a short break. Interviewers are also people and so they understand that you might need to refresh yourself during a long phone interview.


Don’t forget to LISTEN.

Don’t try and interrupt your interviewer is probably the most important of the phone interview tips. During the time the interviewer is giving an explanation or while giving you the questions you have to stay with him or her, and simply listen. You can do a little confirmation if he speaks for a long time, saying “uhm”, or something like that. It’s fine for the interviewer, as s/he subconsciously gets the feeling that you really listen to him or her.

Recruiter is also a human being and likes the respect of the others. This may sound strange, but remember the following sentence very well if you want to succeed, not only in the phone interviews:  The more you let the recruiter to speak during the phone interview, the better your chances of getting an invitation for a face to face interviews are.

Do not forget to ask the questions also by yourself. You can find some good examples of such questions here: Questions to ask the employers in an interview.


Man is making notes during his phone interviewHave your application always ready

Have your application at the ready, and also the list of phone interview tips. You never know when you will receive the call. So, you can tape your application or resume on your desk or anywhere near the phone. To answer any questions they might have about your application, you have to know what is in it.

What is also very important, do not react as you were applying to 100s of jobs. Do not look surprised once you receive the call from a particular company. Otherwise, try to sound like you were expecting it, and you were really hoping to receive a call particularly from them.

So that’s it. By following these phone interview tips, it helps you stand a better chance in the competitive world of applying for a job. Don’t take these phone interview tips lightly because even though this is just one step to getting the job, at least it is one step forward and that is better than not getting the job at all.