One of the phone interview tips is to smile on the phone, a woman smiling while talking to an employer is demonstrating how you should do it.Phone interview is a time and cost effective way of interviewing job applicants.

While most companies use it only for the first, screening stage, some companies will conduct two or even three phone interviews with the applicants, before inviting a handful of shortlisted candidates for the final in-person interview.

If you are one of the people who still shake at the sound of the telephone, here are some helpful tips that should help you to relax, feel more confident, and ace your phone interview. Let’s go!


Smile while talking to them

They can not see you, but they can definitely tell if you are smiling. A smile will make you sound more relaxed, and confident. A smile on your face often leads to a smile on a face of a person you talk to, and job interview is no exception.

Smile, smile, smile. It will make everything easier.

Nothing else matters when they call you

A top manager is interviewing one of the job candidates on the phone. They sit in a brown leather chair, have many papers on their table, and a modern laptop.You shouldn’t chew something while talking to the interviewers. Neither should you watch TV, shout on someone you meet on the street, or do anything else that would indicate that the phone call is not the most important thing in your life.

Oppositely, you should focus all your energy and thoughts on the call. Nothing else matters, just the phone interview. The person on the other end can easily recognize how much you care, and they will appreciate it.

What is more, how you conduct yourself on the phone indicates how you will conduct yourself on the workplace


Walk while you talk, avoid stupid pauses

Stand up, walk around the room, or walk outside. This may help you to relax, but it is also a good technique to make your voice clear and loud.

Try to avoid mumbling and stopping in mid-sentences to say “Err” or “Umm”. It is okay to do it a few times, becasue everyone doers that, but if a long stop follows each question they ask you, you won’t pass this interview.


This woman is a bit nervous on the line, her eyes betray how important the interview is for her.Nothing less than 100%

You have to give your interviewer 100% of your attention. You cannot answer the questions properly with the sound of the television booming in the background.

Oppositely, walking to a quite place, as soon as you realize the employer is calling, shows them that you care, that the interview with them really matters to you.


You make the first impression only one time

You never know when the potential employer is calling. When you are searching a job, you should answer every phone call with enthusiasm in your voice, mentioning your first name.

“Hello, this is Jane. How can I help you?” is a great opening.

Some phone interviews can take half an hour, or even longer. If you talk a lot, you will eventually need to quench the thirst. Do not hesitate to ask the interviewers for a short break. They are also human beings and they will understand…


Man is making notes during his phone interview, whe wears blue shirt and black tieListening is more important than talking.

Don’t interrupt your interviewer often. Listen to their words, wait until they ask you to say something. You can do a little confirmation if they speak for longer than thirty seconds in one go, saying “uhm”, or something like that. It helps them to feel that you are still with them, that you are listening.

Remember the following sentence if you want to succeed, not only in the phone interview:  The more you let the interviewers speak, the better your chances of getting a job will be.

We are people. We prefer talking to listening, but we love when someone listens to us…


Have your application ready

Have your job application and resume always on your table. You never know when you will receive their call. Your resume, and job application (as well as job description) will help you to answer the questions that target your experience, your working duties, and things that relate to their company and job offer.

What is more, they should not get the feeling that you applied for hundreds of jobs, and answer one phone call after another. Oppositely, you should sound as if you were expecting their call, and as if meant a lot to you….

Continue your interview preparation checking the questions they will ask you on the phone: