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Man in his forties sits in front of a grey laptop, thinking about his recent job application, trying to write a new one.Recruiters, HR managers, professional interviewers. All these people receive dozens of job applications each and every week. Do you know how to stand out with your application?

First of all, you should realize what your goal is: to get invited for a job interview.

Anything you do, anything you write on a paper (or type on your keyboard) should help you to achieve your goal.

In this article we will outline some basic ideas that will help you to write an excellent job application, and secure a phone call from the HR.


Enter as much info as possible, send everything they want from you

Many candidates will send just their resume. No cover letter, no references, no salary history. Simply nothing.

This is okay only if the employer explicitly asks you to send them only your resume. In all other cases, you should send more. Submitting only your resume tells the employer a few important things about you:

  • You did not read the job offer carefully, which means that you do not seriously care for getting the job (perhaps you sent twenty application on the same day, and perhaps you do not even know where you are sending your applications).
  • You are lazy, or not responsible, or do not care. Remember–everything you do from the moment of applying for a job to a moment of sending an interview follow-up letter helps us to create a complete picture about your personality. You do not want to look like someone who’s lazy to write a few extra lines, do you?


Young designer is filling his job application in a cafeteria. We can see chairs and tables, but there are no other people in the place.Fill all blank spaces in your job application

Empty spaces are not good. If you do not know how to answer certain question on an online job application, think for a while. I am sure you can figure it out within a few minutes.

The more you write about you, the more you tell them, the better your chances of succeeding will be. Once they see that you completed the entire form, and didn’t leave any fields blank, they will consider you a responsible person, someone who really cares for getting the job with them.


Include (or attach) your picture

A picture makes from a random number a human being with a face and soul. I remember times when I was living in the UK. My roommate carried with him always many small pictures when walking to the city, trying to get the job. When filling typical UK paper-form job applications, he always glued a picture to the right corner of the paper. In two weeks time, he got seven interview invitations.

Job search is often quite impersonal. You fill in countless forms, and often you do not even get a chance to talk to someone who has the power to hire you. A picture can make things more personal. A professional picture of you, with a smile on your face. Most people won’t include it on their application, so it is another chance to stand out.

Special Tip: Download a one-page long resume of the article, print it, and carry it with to help you anytime you have to complete a job application:

tips for your job application, PDF

Show extra motivation–if you get a chance to show it

If you are applying for a job in a store, mention that it is your favorite place for shopping.  Similar example: If you apply for a job in a travel agency, mention that some of your friends traveled with them, and were more than satisfied with the trip and the customer service they got. Praise your interviewers for something, and they will like you more than they did like you before.

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Even a small change on your job application (such as attaching a picture, or saying something nice about the employer) can help you to change your fortunes, and get an invitation for an interview. So why not tryiing it?


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