Are you?

  • Going to interview with Talent Plus, having no idea how to answer their questions on the phone?
  • Experiencing stress, unsure how to make a good impression on the recruiters from Talent Plus?
  • Struggling to understand what matters in this interview, and how to pass it?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, and I’ve got the answers you are looking for!

See a short video below (2 minutes 53 seconds), where I describe what’s in the eBook, and how it will help you. If you prefer reading text to watching video, or if you struggle to understand my voice, just scroll below the video and continue reading. Please bear in mind that the price you see for the eBook in the video is not actual. The eBook has been updates some time ago, and we also decided to decrease the price, so now you can get it for $12 only.



Simple yet effective book

I wanted to write a book you can finish in less than an hour, and at the same time get ready for your interview. In my opinion, less is more in this case.

Do not expect any fancy pictures or info-graphics in this book. Secondary information is omitted. Those things may grab your attention, but they won’t help you pass the interview.

They would actually take your attention away from the few crucial things that matter.

The eBook has 7,000 words (definitely something you can manage in an hour), and two principal sections:

  1. Seven principles of succeeding in an interview with Talent Plus.
  2. Questions they will ask you, and how you should answer each question (sample answers included, 30 questions in total).

See a sample from the first section of the book below:


Stay authentic – to certain extent

Genuine people are sought after in the job market. You should do your best to sound authentic when interviewing with Talent Plus (or with anyone else for that matter). Yet it is not as easy as it seems.

One of the questions you will often get with Talent Plus is this one: Do you consider yourself a hardworking person?

Honestly, most of us are lazy.

A truly authentic answer to this question would be something like:

“Well, I prefer to stay in bed and watch movies all day long. But if I am motivated, with a big paycheck for example, I am able to try hard, and to meet deadlines.”

 The example answer is indeed 100% authentic, for most job seekers. But you’d jeopardize your chances to succeed if you used it.

So, how to do it right? How to stay authentic, but at the same time improve your chances of getting hired?

The key is to present the right attitude, but, at the same time, unveil a little weakness, showing that you are only a human being, and are aware of your imperfections.

For example: Are you a hardworking person?

“I try to deliver my best in work every day, but just like everyone else, I experience low days, and moments when I struggle with motivation. Understanding why we do what we do in the company, and what is my role in it, typically helps me to get over my crisis. And I do not want to let my colleagues down.”

In this answer you showed the right attitude (trying to do your best every day, caring about your colleagues), but at the same time you stayed authentic (saying that you have low days and sometimes struggle with motivation.)

It is an example of a right combination of authenticity and “selling yourself” in the interview…



This was a short sample from the Ebook, one of the 7 principles you have to understand to succeed in an interview with Talent Plus. In the book you will find 6 other principles, plus great answers to 30 questions Talent Plus interviewers use often…

Just that-nothing more. Because I do not want to make your life difficult.

Other interview coaches will give you 5 free bonuses, and an eBook that has 50,000 words. Honestly, you need nothing of that to pass the interview with Talent Plus.

Keep it simple, learn what you really need to know, and pass your interview.

Get the eBook now for $12 only (a first hour (or half an hour) in your new job will easily pay for it…).

(After the payment you will be directed back to our website, to a protected page, to download your eBook. You will also receive a download link and instructions to your email, just to ensure that you will get the book without waiting, even if the redirect fails.)

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60 days risk-free money back guarantee

As with all other products and services we sell, we offer you a 60 days risk free money back guarantee. If you don’t like the Talent Plus Interview – Ready in one hour for any reason, or no reason at all, just let me know within 60 days and I will give you a full refund.

Email me at matthew[at]interviewpenguin[dot]com with your name and transaction details. No questions asked, just a full refund. There is nothing you can lose with your purchase.

Thank you for supporting Interview Penguin, and good luck in your interview!

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