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Financial sector has always attracted many ambitious people. Jobs in this sector are typically rewarded with an exceptional salary. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to get a job in this sector. Why is is so difficult? Competition is simply tough. For example, statistics show that for every single job opening in a bank (doesn’t matter what kind of opening it goes about), more than 100 applicants submit their application for.

Can you be one of hundred and get this job? Our articles about interview questions and answers for various positions in financial sector should help you to do so.

  • Accounting Interview Questions – Accountants are needed in every single financial institution. Some people believe that accountant is the most important person in any company. Find out what questions you will get in an interview and prepare for it in advance.
  • Investment Banking Interview Questions – Not everyone is ready to enter the investment banking sector. You need to have guts as well as instinct of a shark to be successful. Find out what questions the employers use to assess your suitability for investment banking jobs.
  • Finance Interview Questions – General article about interview questions asked in the interview for any financial position. Study the basics and be more confident in your interview.
  • How to Prepare for an Interview – You can afford to underestimate something in your preparation for interview in financial sector. It would be simply too risky to do so. Get ready and convince the employer that you are the one.
  • Bank Teller Interview Questions – The examples of people who started on a position of a bank teller and became bank directors later are not so uncommon. Learn how you can become one of these people – on of the bank tellers. The position of a bank director can be your long term goal, but does not have to be of course :).
  • Financial Analyst Interview Questions – Top notch financial analyst is needed in every single organization involved in finance sector. Are you able to convince the employers that you are such an analyst?
  • Personal Banker Interview Questions – Personal bankers deal with the best clients of the bank, so they spend the working time with successful and clever people, that either have plenty of money or need plenty of money. It’s not a bad job, is it? The question is what you need to do to get this job.
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