Financial sector has always attracted young and ambitious people. Clean working environment, good salaries, and prestigious job titles. Who would not want to work in a bank, or in a stock exchange?

But is is not an easy journey. Facing tough competition in the interviews, you will need to demonstrate your motivation, drive, and often also your sales skills in a difficult role play. Articles in this section should help you to get ready for the challenge, and get rid of stress before your job interview.

  • Accounting Interview Questions – Behavioral and technical questions, and the test of your accounting skills directly in an interview. Learn how the HR managers assess your readiness for the job of an accountant.
  • Bank Teller Interview Questions – One of the most popular jobs in the United States. Each job opening attracts dozens of applicants. You will need to prepare for both the questions and the role play.
  • Financial Analyst Interview – A tough nut to crack, but a wonderful career to have. Learn how to make the right impression on your interviewers.
  • Internal Auditor – Your skills and personality will be tested in an atypical interview. Can you show them that you have in you what it takes to be a good auditor?
  • Personal Banker Interview Questions – Behavioral questions, role play, and a throughout background check. The HR managers at banks ensure you won’t forget on this interview.
  • Investment Banking Interview Questions – Not everyone is ready to enter the investment banking sector. You need to have guts as well as instinct of a shark to be successful. Find out what questions the employers use to assess your suitability for investment banking jobs.
  • Phone Banker Interview – Do you like spending hours on a call, sitting in front of a computer? Can you upsell the client of a bank? They will test it in the interview.
  • Private Equity Interview – There’s no way you can trick the interviewing panel in this case. Many case studies, tests, and practical and behavioral questions will help them to create a perfect picture about you.
  • Payroll Clerk Interview – Eight common questions and answers for this position. Learn what to say in your interview to make a good impression on the hiring managers.