A good marketer (marketing manager, trainee or associate) should possess certain skills and abilities. In a job interview, they will ask you behavioral and technical questions, trying to understand whether you have them, or not.

On the top of that, they may use a simple practical test (they ask you to design, or to evaluate, a simple marketing campaign), to assess your readiness for the job, and to see the way you think and the way you work. Let’s have a look at some common questions right now (find advice in the brackets).


Questions you can expect

  • What makes you a good marketer/marketing manager? (Talk about creativity, analytical skills, passion for the job, past experience with managing or designing campaigns, etc.)
  • Why do you think that our company is successful on the market? (Try to look at it from the marketing point of view, tell them that they promote their products or services well. You can talk also about brand building and other things, to demonstrate that you understand the bigger picture of marketing).
  • This is our client–they show you a product portfolio–what marketing channels would you suggest to promote their products? (Show some creativity, try to identify the target markets, and how you would promote the company on the markets.)
  • Have you ever heard about Guerrilla marketing?
  • What marketing channels are the most effective for [name of the field] business?
  • How would you describe our position on the local market? (Pre-interview research will help you to understand where they are, how they fare, and what they should improve.)
  • Can you define the marketing mix?
  • Do you have any hobby? Try to sell me your hobby, so I will desire to try it. (A classic interview question for marketing trainees. Do not forget to speak with enthusiasm, and show them the benefits and emotions they will get from doing the hobby with you.)
  • Do you know what is direct and indirect marketing communication?
  • Try to sell me your mobile phone. (This is a typical question for sales interviews, but they may use it also in marketing interview, to see whether you can identify the features and benefits of a random product, and transform them to a marketing campaign.)
  • Man is answering questions in marketing interviewWhat are the main differences of product and service marketing?
  • Why is demography important in marketing?
  • What is the target audience for our service?
  • If you should pick one marketing technique or strategy that you consider ineffective nowadays, which one would you pick? (Cold calling is a good answer for most industries, but you can also say that it depends on the product and campaign, and that each technique can be applied with some success, if marketers know what they are doing.)
  • Do you know what is a SWOT analysis? (A simple question for marketing trainee job applicants.)
  • What phase of marketing is the most important one?
  • What is the difference between market research and market survey?
  • Why should we hire you, and not one of the other job applicants?


Behavioral questions and practical exercises

Apart from these questions, you will have to answer some behavioral questions, and demonstrate your marketing skills in a practical exercise.

Try to relax, always think about their goals and values, and focus on the interview. Remember that they observe way more than your answers to their questions. The way you talk, walk, shake hands, work on the given tasks … the interviewers take notice of everything.

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