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blue graph of investment stocksInvestment banking jobs belong to the best paying jobs worldwide for the last couple of years. That is probably the reason why the demand for this position is so high among the job seekers. Investment banking interview questions will put you as well as other candidates under a real test.

To even get a chance to attend the interview, you will have to submit outstanding job application, ideally including your diplomas, references, cover letter and anything else that will help you to stand from the crowd.

But let’s suppose you got through the first selection and are standing in front of the interview doors. Your dream job is just one step ahead. So what investment banking interview questions can you expect to get?


List of difficult investment banking interview questions

  • Why do you think you belong to the field of investment banking?
  • What are the three key abilities of an investment shark?
  • What are the characteristics of the company you would invest ten million dollars to if you had the opportunity?
  • What is your primary motivation to work in our institution?
  • Do you remember the situation when you used your “spider” sense?
  • Have you ever invested something on the stock market?
  • What are your predictions about the US stock market?

Interviewers will ask you not only such investment banking interview questions where to use your imagination is enough. They will also ask you some more theoretical investment banking interview questions.

Well the knowledge is simply necessary and they need to ensure that your great instinct, guts and creativity are supported with the knowledge also. Let’s have a look at a few:

  • How does a goodwill effects the net income and the net wealth?
  • What drives mergers and acquisition in current state of economy?
  • How would you calculate a working capital of a production company?
  • Define the two basic ways how to acquire funds. When will you choose which way?
  • Define the net worth and the cash flow. Is there any connection between these two?
  • What is the expression to name the market developments that denote a continuous decline in the price of securities?
  • What does oversold mean? How can this market state be achieved by an individual investment banker?
  • What are the 3 months and six month interest rates for today?
  • Do you have any concerns about investment banking?
  • Do you think that the crisis is bad for all investment banks or just for the banks with bad management and strategy?

As you can see, investment banking interview questions will test both your abilities like creativity, eagerness, analytical thinking, and also your theoretic knowledge in the investment area. But once you manage to make it through… it’s completely different story.

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