Why do you want to work for KFC? (Tell us why you’re keen to work at KFC?)

You should focus on something that distinguishes KFC from their competitors, such as McDonald’s or BK, or other fast food chains. In an ideal case, you should recognize something about their brand, or the working environment, things that simply click with you and motivated you to apply.

Sample answers:

I love that you prepare your food from real chicken, and use fresh and high quality materials in your kitchens. One can feel the difference in taste, and I’d prefer to work for you instead of for some other fast food chain, since the food is just better here.

Heard great things about your employee training program, and about a friendly and sometimes even fun atmosphere in the workplace. KFC sounds like the right match for my outgoing and friendly personality and I am really keen to work at KFC.

I’ve been a customer of KFC for years, and have only the best experience with people working here. Looking for my first job, it seems like a perfect choice.

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What is your availability? Which days and hours can you work?

KFC runs a very flexible shift system where you can apply for your work only days in advance, which is a huge benefit for all part time employees. Nevertheless, you should make an impression that you have a plan, and know what role this job at KFC will play in your present life.

For example, you go to school and want to make some extra cash. Or you have another job but struggle with bills and would love to make some extra money during the weekend.

Surely you have your reason, and you should prepare a weekly schedule accordingly. Tell the interviewers at KFC when exactly you can work on each day of the week. This shows them that you are serious about your application, and also explains what you expect from the job.

Sample answer:

I have thought about it in advance, and have prepared a schedule for an entire week, clearly specifying when I can work, and when I have other obligations, mainly school. You can see it here [you show it to them in paper or paperless form]. As you can see, I have more than 30 hours available each week, so I am sure we can figure something out. If you decide to hire me, of course.


How would you define a great customer service?

Your definition should be as close as possible to your real experience from KFC. They try to treat each customer as a friend, with smile, and they do not care about speed. They care about quality. Say that each customer should feel as if they were dining among friends, as if their mommy fried the kitchen back home.

Customers should feel welcome, respected, heard out, from the moment they enter the restaurant until the minute they leave. That’s the philosophy you can share with your interviewers, and certainly something you will try to achieve once working for KFC. For more sample answers, check the following article.

Sample answer:

I would define it as making sure that the customer feels welcome and attended to, from the moment they enter the restaurant, until the minute they leave. They should have smile on their face, not only because of the excellent food here in KFC, but also because they enjoy the interaction with the employees. That’s how I would define excellent customer service. Of course, we can go into details here, such as what to say, how to welcome them in the store, etc, but I am sure you have that covered perfectly in the working manual.

home made fried chicken with vegetables

What are your expectations on your colleagues at KFC, and on the managers?

You have basically two good options to answer this question. First one is saying that you expect a lot from one person only–from yourself. You want to be the best version of yourself each day, and try your best to satisfy each customer, and to help your colleagues thrive in the workplace.

Another good option is saying that you expect honest and open communication. You want to improve in your work, and that’s why feedback of your colleagues matter to you. What’s more, you hope that they will give you a chance and welcome you in friendly way in the team, because you will be a new force in the company, not knowing anyone.

Sample answer:

To be honest, I do not have any expectations. I try to focus on my role in the process, that means trying to do the job as good as I can, being attentive to the needs and feelings of my colleagues, and of course to the feedback of the managers. It will be nice to meet like-minded people on the shift, but it really isn’t the most important thing for me, since I do not struggle to get along with anyone.

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Are you a team player?

Teamwork is everything for the family at KFC. Ensure the interviewers that you can’t wait to meet your new colleagues, and to play your part in the success of a particular KFC restaurant.

To make your answer more authentic you can talk about a situation from the past that demonstrates your dedication to a team (from school, or another job). For example, when one of your former colleagues struggled, you helped them regain motivation. Or you replaced a colleague on a shift when they received a last minute notice about an unexpected program or event they couldn’t miss.

Once you demonstrate that you are ready to try your best for both customers and colleagues at KFC, they will almost always hire you.

Sample answer:

Most definitely yes. Belonging to a team of people helps with motivation, since I do not want to let my colleagues down. In my last job in a retail store I really enjoyed how we helped each other, supported each other, and also had some fun on the shift. It would be great to experience something similar here at KFC.

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What are your salary expectations?

Let’s be honest. Majority of people working in KFC restaurants earn a minimum wage, or close to a minimum wage. That’s because no experience is required, and after the training you will find the job comparatively easy.

You should be realistic. If you are not sure how much you can earn on the position you try to get with KFC, just tell them that you’d accept the standard starting salary they pay to everyone else having the same job.

You can also say that salary isn’t the deciding factor for you. You like KFC and the benefits they offer to their employees (training program, flexible shift system, free meals or eat what you want for $3, depending on the job, etc). What’s more, in this stage of your career you are looking mostly for experience. Salary is secondary for you.

Sample answer:

I would accept the standard starting salary you pay to new hires here. This is my first job application, and more than anything else I want to gain experience and finally start working somewhere. I know I cannot expect miracles at this stage of my career. But who knows, maybe if I do a good job and get promoted, the salary will get better after some time…


What would you do if a customer complained about the quality of the service they received?

Say that you would never argue with a customer. You will carefully listen to their words, and try to identify the reason why they got angry. Then you may call a manager to the scene, because as a standard KFC Team Member you aren’t responsible for addressing certain complaints.

You can also stress that you want to try your best in work and act friendly to each customer. In this way you sincerely hope to minimize the number of complaints or conflicts with the customers.

Sample answers:

I would carefully listen to their words, trying to understand what I did wrong. In a case that I struggled to figure it out, I would call a manager to the scene, to help me out. In any case, I can imagine that some customers will complain, for one reason or another, or no reason at all. In my opinion is is important to stay courteous at all times, and not take their bad words personally.


Tell us about something you love

Remember that they want to know you as a person as well, not only as an employee. People who love soothing, people who have hobbies and passions are typically better employees, since they find it easier with life-work balance, and they have something to look forward to in life. Obviously you can talk about anything, just avoid things like getting wasted each Friday, or wasting your life on social media.

Activities that promote good health are obviously your beast choice. Running, cycling, rollerskating, exercising, hiking in the nature, you name it. Of course you can also point out your favorite series on TV or your favorite band. Just make sure that they can see you aren’t a bore and enjoy your life outside of work–which will help you deliver in your job with KFC… If you’re still not sure what to say, you can check 7 sample answers to “What do you like to do for fun?” interview question.

Sample answer:

I just love to move in general. Roller-skating, swimming, going for a walk to some nice place. Good music and movie would always do. And I really hope that I can perhaps share my hobbies with some of my new colleagues, and we may enjoy them together.


How long do you want to have this job?

Be honest. KFC is very flexible while hiring. They do not mind if you want to work for them only during the summer, and perhaps return next summer (if your life situation allows it). If you hope to grow with the company, however, dreaming of becoming a manager one day, or perhaps even leave the comfortable lifestyle of an employee and take some risk with your own restaurant one day, you can say so.

KFC (similarly to all big franchises) has an excellent system in place, and you can definitely learn a lot about running a successful restaurant while working with the company. Basically they should get an impression that this employment with KFC has a certain meaning in your life, that you do not apply only to make money.

Sample answer:

To be honest, I do not know yet. KFC has such an excellent system in place, and I am sure I can learn a lot working here. On the other hand, I am still studying, and deciding about my future career. Not sure where the life will take me, but I am sure I will take a lot away from this working experience.


This is a repetitive job. What would motivate you to try your best each day?

Once again, you have a few options for a good answer:

  • Say that you prefer repetitive jobs, jobs in which one isn’t challenged with new tasks each day. You like to have some routine in your days and a repetitive job matches your preferences perfectly.
  • You can also claim that in your view the job isn’t repetitive. Surely you do the same tasks day after day, but new people come to the restaurant each day, and many interesting things can happen.
  • Third alternative is referring to your goals. You want to pursue your studies (and earning with KFC is your means of paying for your studies), and hence you won’t lose your motivation even if the job is somehow boring.

Sample answer:

My goals will help with motivation. I have bills to pay like everyone else, and try to provide for my daughter. Let’s face the reality: With no money you are nobody in this country, and can forget about living some decent life. When I lack motivation, it is enough for me to think about my daughter, and the life I would love her to have one day. Voila, the motivation is back.


Do you have any questions?

You do not need to force a question. Go with the flow. If you feel that your interview went well, that you answered all their questions, you can simply thank them for their time and ask what’s next.

But if something caught your eye in the restaurant, or if something was unclear (about the training program, shift system or anything else), you can refer to it in your questions.


Final thoughts on an interview with KFC

Interview with KFC isn’t particularly difficult. Once you know why you want to have the job, and show some motivation in your interview (and the right attitude to work and your colleagues), and do not remain silent when hearing some of their questions (which should not happen to you after reading this article), they will give you a chance to prove your motivation in the job. I wish you best of luck in your interview!


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