Let’s be honest right from the start: KFC isn’t a dream place of work for anyone, unless we talk about people who have nothing in life, and would be grateful for any job, anywhere. But most likely (and luckily) you aren’t in their shoes. You have options, you can apply for different jobs, and you won’t end up on the street if you do not start working somewhere next week. Yet you apply for a job with KFC–perhaps for no particular reason, you just try your luck, look for first working experience as a student, or do not find the job better or worse than many similar jobs you can get with your level of experience and education. But they want to know why you are keen to work at KFC. And you will face this question in 95% of cases. What should you say then?

Well, you have several options, including referring to the excellent system of work they have in place, as one of the most successful franchises of all time. You want to learn from them, and you would also love to work in a place that is so amazingly organized. Second option is talking about their brand. Sure you can apply with many fast food places and restaurants. But you enjoy eating your chicken at KFC. You like the taste of food, the vibe of the place, and generally prefer their brand to the brand of their competitors. Logically you want to work for them, instead of one of their competitors.

Another possibility consists in referring to the place of work, or the shift patterns. Perhaps you still study, or have another job or two, or family obligations. You can do just certain hours and it is a possibility with KFC. That’s why you’re keen to work for them. You can also refer to the recommendation from a friend. Someone you know quite well works in one of their restaurant, and you like the feedback they gave you on the workplace, workload, colleagues.

Last option is betting on brutal honesty, and saying that you have no special preference (and perhaps applied for other jobs too). This can work in some cases, because some managers prefer to hire honest applicants and people who see things realistically. Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. You will find on my list at least one answer for each scenario, and I hope you will find at least one of them fitting for your job application with KFC. You can also combine two answers to a single one. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why you’re keen to work at KFC” interview question

  1. KFC is my favorite place when it comes to eating out with friends. I like the selection of food here, the taste, the vibe of the restaurant. One can rely on the quality too, since the chicken always tastes the same. Obviously I know working somewhere isn’t the same like eating there, but I also realize that in terms of workload and wage, most of the fast food chains are similar, and I would rather work in a place that I like and support than in a place I have no connection with. That’s why I am keen to get a job with KFC.
  2. I am just fascinated with the system you have in place. The entire restaurant works like a well-oiled machine. KFC is one of the most successful franchises in the world. Now I am just a student, but I have my entrepreneurial dreams, and I want to learn from the successful. I believe I can learn a lot in the place like this one, about processes and systems, and also about people. I am keen to work here and no doubt I will benefit from this experience down the road, once I start my own business one day.
  3. I am keen to work at KFC since it fits perfectly my busy schedule. You are very flexible here, as far as I know. I go to school and have one another part-time gig. It isn’t easy to keep all the balls in the air, to handle all my duties. But with the flexibility you offer here and ability to work just certain hours each day, job at KFC can be the part of the puzzle I am missing in my life at the moment. What’s more, your restaurant is just five minutes walking distance from my school, which would make it super easy for me to get here and back to school once the shift is over…
  4. I am keen because I got great recommendation from two friends who work for KFC at the moment. Sure, they do not idealize the job, and warned me of a heavy workload. But they said great things about the camaraderie with colleagues, decent working conditions, getting their wage always on time, and other things that make me interested in your offer.
  5. To be completely honest with you, I do not have a particular preference when it comes to my future place of work. KFC is a decent place to eat and work. So is BK, McDonald’s, Subway, and other places where I can apply for the job, places that are almost always hiring new people. The employee conditions and the wage is almost identical in every place. I apply with you, but I do not idealize the job, or think that I will get an easy ride here. On the contrary, I am ready to work hard and burn some fat here. If you do not give me a chance though, I would simply apply with one of your competitors.
  6. I am keen to work at KFC because I worked here before. While still at high school, I had a part-time gig here. It was a decent job with good team on the shift, and I can say that considering my lack of previous experience, I am grateful for KFC giving me a chance. Now I am out of school, and looking for job again. My thought process is the following: Why would I learn everything from scratch in some new place of work, when I can simply continue here at KFC, and benefit from my previous experience? That’s why I would love to start here again.
  7. My answer may surprise you but I am keen to work here because one day in the future, I hope to run my own KFC restaurant. I know it is a distant dream now, and I have neither money nor experience to make it happen in near future. But even a 1000 miles long journey starts with the first step, and I feel getting a job here and learning how things work is the first step. I am keen to make it, and you can be sure my motivation won’t falter, since I always keep my long term goal in mind…

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also the complete list of KFC interview questions and answers. Thank you, and good luck in your interview!


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