Interviews at Burger King belong to easy job interview. You do not have to be afraid of any particularly difficult questions, because BK has an excellent training program, and you will learn everything before starting the job.

The key is to show some motivation and an honest interest for the Burger King and for their brand. Once they see that you are not afraid to work hard, and are honestly interested in the offer, they will give you a chance. In this short article we will analyze 10 questions you may get while applying for common positions at BK, such as cashier or line cook. Enjoy!


Can you please tell us something about yourself?

Just be positive and honest. If you study, say so. If you enjoy eating outside, and Burger King is your favorite dining place, tell them. Talk about your hobbies and education, or about anything else. But try to keep it short, under one minute. If they want to hear more details about something from your life, they will ask additional questions.

You can also explain how your application at BK fits into your lifestyle, and into what you are currently doing. Maybe you want to earn some extra money while studying at the college, or gain first working experience, or learn from the inside how a successful franchise works. The choice is yours. For some sample answers, you can check out this article.


What is your availability?

The key is to show some flexibility, and to not give this job the last priority on your list. Certainly it doesn’t have to be your first priority, especially if you are studying and applying for a part time job, but it should be more important than your dance classes, or a basketball match you want to watch in the TV.

In an ideal case you should know your schedule, and tell them exactly on which days and at which hours you are available. For example: “On Monday, I can work from 2 pm to 10 pm.” Managers at BK often combine different people on different shifts, so even if you can work only during the weekend, they may still find some place for you.


What do you like about BK?

The obvious answer is food and drinks (if you’re into fast food, and you likely are, otherwise you’d look for job somewhere else). But you can refer also to other things, and make even a better impression on your interviewers.

For example, you can praise an excellent brand building they have in place, or fantastic system that ensures that one gets the burger of the same quality in all 13,000+ restaurants BK runs around the world. That’s no small number indeed…

You can praise their training program, or team spirit in the workplace, or anything else that somehow resonates with you.

burger and french fries

Do you have any experience with cash handling/ cash register?

Just be honest. Experience isn’t necessary, and you will learn how to do everything. If you worked as cashier before, however, you should definitely mention it. It can be a big plus, especially if you compete for the job with some other people.

Try to talk positively about anything you did before. Nobody wants to hire an employee who complains about everything and everyone in the restaurant. If you need more help here, you can check our 7 sample answers to “Describe your cash handling experience” interview question.


Are you a team player?

You will spend a lot of time with your colleagues. What’s more, each BK restaurant resembles a well-designed machine, with plenty of cogwheels, and each employee is one of the cogwheels (sorry for the comparison but I could not help it :)). In order to deliver an expected level of customer service in BK, you have to be a team player.

You can actually tell your interviewers that one of the things you are looking forward is getting to know new people, and forming a strong team together with them.

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A customer complains about your service. What will you do?

Before anything else, you can say that you plan to try your best and follow the employee conduct code to the point,in order to minimize the number of complaints.

But you are not a robot (though certainly a day will come when robots will serve us in fast food stands and in restaurants, because it is already happening in China). You can make a mistake, and customers can also complain for no real reason. Ensure your interviewers that you will always remain courteous, and will apologize to a customer, perhaps even when there’s nothing to apologize for.


The work load can be very heavy here at BK. How do you plan to handle it?

You can say them that you aware of the possibility, since you often eat at Burger King and know that the customer line often has no end. People leave but new people arrive all the time.

But you are a hard worker, and you do not apply for this job hoping to play games on your cell phone all day long. You want to work, you want to learn new stuff, and you are ready to handle everything, including the peak hours. Alternatively they may ask you about a situation from the past (Tell us about a time when you felt overwhelmed with the workload), but this change nothing on the attitude you should try to show with your answer.


What would you do if you did not agree with an opinion or decision of your superior or supervisor?

There is little place for creativity, or even for feedback, at Burger King. Each process is strictly described to utmost detail, and everyone has to follow the guidelines–including the managers.

Say that you would obey, unless you had the feeling that they actually did not adhere to the rules and regulations of BK. In such a case you would report it to the responsible person (highest manager of the restaurant, or the owner of the franchise–can be the same person).


How long do you want to have this job?

Be honest, but never say less than three months. Because it takes time to train you, and it makes no sense to hire someone who will leave after the first week or first month.

Of course, you can always leave sooner, if you do not like the job. You can leave on the very first day if you want–you have a legal right to do so. But in an interview you should tell them what they want to hear. They enjoy hearing that you want to work for BK for 3 months at least, or perhaps for much longer…


Do you have any questions?

If you feel that things went well, you do not have to force a question. But you can always ask about shift patterns, training program, or about anything else that interests you about the restaurant. The key is to remain positive throughout the entire interview.

They should feel that you still want the job, after everything that has been said and done in your interview.

* Download all questions in a one page long PDF, and practice your interview answers anytime later:

bk interview questions, PDF

Few additional tips for your interview at Burger King

  • Do not stress about your clothes. Anything you wear is fine, as long as your clothes are clean and do not reveal too much.
  • They may offer you a complimentary drink or even a burger. While you can definitely accept the drink, you should refuse the offer of a burger. You are there to speak, and not to eat 🙂
  • Try to make a good connection with your interviewer. Keep eye contact, act in a friendly and professional way, and do not hesitate to praise them for something, if you get an opportunity…

I wish you good luck!

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