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Luck favors the prepared mind. 

But what should you focus on when preparing for a job interview? The most common interview questions? The research about the company? The mental, or the physical side of your preparation?

You should focus on all of that–and more. Success in an interview is like a puzzle–you have to put all pieces in place to make the beautiful picture at the end.

Right interview preparation consists in mental, physical, informational, and practical preparation for the meeting. We will analyze each of them in this article, trying to help you to become the ‘lucky one’ at the end of the interviews. Let’s start!


Prepare your body

TA man is sleeping on a pile of books. He has overdone it with his interview preparation. o deliver your very best (and you will often need your best performance to get a job at the end), you should be rested and calm.

You should think neither about food, nor about sleep in your interview. You should be able to focus on your interview presence, the words of the interviewers, and your answers to their questions. How to achieve this state of your body?

You should try to spend a perfect day, or at least a perfect morning, before going to your job interview. Devote yourself to things you enjoy doing, some relaxing stuff. Go for a walk to the nature, take a dog to the park, or watch your favorite TV series. Do something that will help your body relax and feel good.

What is more, you should go to bed early the day before your job interview (if you can) and have a tasty breakfast. But do not eat something that will make you excessively full and tired–eat something light that will keep you fresh and energized.


Get the right information

A woman is browsing Interview Penguin, checking for the most common interview questions.Most job seekers focus primarily on information while preparing for an interview. It is the right strategy if they do not overdo it, or do not neglect the other parts of the puzzle. What information should you get?

You should research about the employer, their values and goals, and you should study the job description in detail. You should do all of this while trying to understand what they seek in a good candidate for the position.

Then you should try to find out what questions they will ask you in an interview (Interview Penguin will help you with that), and how to answer the questions while demonstrating your skills and the value you can bring to the company.

You should also double check the route to the interview, the schedule, and the transport options, to be sure that you won’t encounter any negative surprises on a big day.


Prepare in your mind

think positively and positive things will happen. Simple motivational inscription on a wallThe difference between the winners and losers is often in their mind.

Many people do not believe in their chances (perhaps because they failed in many interviews before, or because they lack the confidence), and this lack of self-belief is strongly reflected in their interview presence.

The way they walk, shake hands with the interviewers, and respond to things that happen in an interview is just not right, and the hiring managers feel it that way….

Try to relax before your interview. Listen to your favorite music, read a good book, think on something nice, and repeat to yourself that you did what you could to succeed, and the rest is not under your control. 


Practice makes perfect

Two women are practicing interview questions togetherTry to practice your interview answers with a friend, or at least in front of a mirror.

You can even hire an interview coach if you want. Practice will help you to feel more confident, and to get rid of the stress you may experience.

Once you manage to prepare your body, your mind, once you know enough about the company and the job you try to get, and practice your interview answers, you can say to yourself that you did your best to get a job.

In many cases it will be enough, and you will walk away with a new job contract. And if it is not enough, all you can do is congratulate the winner, analyze your interview (things you did well and things you could do better), and move on, to the next one.


Get ready in less than three hours

If you still find this topic difficult, if your head spins and you do not really know where to start, you should have a look at our Interview Success Package, the product we designed to help the job seekers with their interview preparation.

It is a paid product (but it is definitely not expensive), and it includes great answers to thirty most common interview questions, and a guide on how to win your interviewers over. Everything explained in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

PDF summary: Did you like the article? You can download a simple, one-page long .PDF summary, and return to it anytime later, when preparing for your interview:

article summary, one page, PDF

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