How to get a job is a question with many possible answers. Yet you have to find the one that will work for you. You can follow the conventional way–applying online, receiving an invitation for an interview, preparing for the questions, and eventually succeeding. But you can try also some alternative approaches. You can utilize your network of connections, or you can walk directly to the store or to the company, trying to get the job at the spot.

Certain jobs and careers have their own rules, however. Monitoring the queries job seekers enter to Google search, we prepared a few articles that talk about getting a job:

  • Get a government job – A sweet warm place in one of the government offices is a dream occupation for many people. Learn how you can turn this dream to reality.
  • Get a job at Gamestop – Gamestop receives more than a hundred job applications for every position they advertise. Learn how to stand out, and get a job with them.
  • Get a job at Google – Just very few people will succeed and sign a job contract with Google. We look at some alternative ways of getting hired at Google.
  • Get a job at STARBUCKS – STARBUCKS receives more than 1,000,000 online job applications annually, but they hire less than 100,000 new people. Learn how to maximize your chances of signing a job contract with STARBUCKS.
  • Get a job on a cruise ship – A wonderful but tough job that allows you to sail the seas and get to know new places (in rare moments when you do not have to wipe the floor or clean the cabins). A step by step guide on how to get hired for this job.
  • Get a job with no experience – If you have no previous working experience, you can still land a decent job. You just have to know how to turn your disadvantage (lack of experience) to an advantage in an interview.
  • How to get a job in Europe? If you ask yourself this question, our simple step by step guide will help you to find the answer.
  • How to get a job fast – Guide for dummies.
  • How to get a summer job abroad? 4 steps guide for the best summer of your life…
  • How to get a job in Japan? Things you need to know before successfully embarking on your exotic journey to the country of the rising sun.
  • How to get a job in marketing with no experience – 4 options you have when you want dive into corporate marketing right after graduating from college, or after having a completely different job for years.
  • How to get a job at a Startup? Hundreds of startups are formed each day across the globe. Most of them will bankrupt within five years, but some will turn into profitable businesses, and some will become the new game-changers. Can you get a job in one of them?
  • Job coaching – A short article about the initiative that tries to help the people with intellectual disabilities to get real jobs.
  • How to get a job at zoo – Love to work with animals? Learn how you can start working in the zoo.
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