You need money and you need it quick. Bills are piling up, and executor is knocking on your door. Three days in a row. He just won’t let go. Either you make some money, or you will end up on the street.

And maybe your story isn’t that dramatic. You simply want the job, and you want to start as soon as possible–for whatever reason. Regardless of your present situation, we will try to give you some advice on how to get a job immediately–perhaps even today. Let’s start!


Welcome to catering!

Catering businesses always struggle with employees. Just walk around the center of your city, and read the announcements on the doors of the many cafeterias, restaurants, and fast food stands.

You will find that in every second place they are looking for someone–a waitress, a bartender, a cook. What is more, you can start these jobs without any education or experience (except of the job of a cook or chef), and the money is often paid on a weekly basis, plus you have tips–which is immediate cash.

If you need a job really fast, looking in local restaurants and cafeterias is your best chance to get hired. Even today.

bartender in a cafeteria is smiling

Use your network of connections

Surely enough, some of your peers work on managerial positions, or in HR. And some others run their own business.

Everything is a game of numbers. If you have hundred people in your contact list, at least ten of them can potentially hire you for their own company, or arrange you an interview in a company where they respond for hiring new staff, or for leading a certain department of the company.

They know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and they can help you get onboard really quick. What is more, if you happen to work for your friend’s company, you can even ask them for advance payment–and get some cash quickly, without waiting a month and a half for your first payslip, as would be the case in most jobs.


Offer tutoring–of whatever you can teach

Tutoring has always been in a grey zone of economy. You give someone an English lesson, a Math lesson, or you show them how to break dance, or paint with their mouth. They learn something from you, and they pay you in cash. Immediately, without invoice or other documents.

In my experience, it is really easy to start tutoring. Just place an ad on Craigslist, or any other local website, or local newspaper.

Once I found myself without money in a midst of a difficult period in personal life. I placed just one ad, nicely formulated, offering Spanish classes for a good price. Within five days I had two students and within two weeks I had six of them. I was taking cash payments and soon enough got out of my problems (at least those financial).

Each of us is good in doing something, and certainly there is a skill you can pass on your pupils. Find it, make a nice ad, offer a decent price and enjoy the requests in your mailbox…

One girl is teaching Spanish the another one

Register with job agencies that specialize in temporary placements

Many companies struggle with workforce. People get sick, they do not come to work, and the businesses need immediate replacement. Such companies often work with Temporary staffing agencies.

These agencies may place you on a job from day one–you just register with them, explain your strengths and skills. If they happen to match the actual need of one of their clients–these needs change from day to day–they may send you on the workplace immediately.


Benefit from the situation on the employment market

Right now we are experiencing economic expansion. Many companies struggle with employees. They want to hire more, they want to increase their production, but there is no supply on the market.

This creates an interesting opportunity for you, one that won’t typically be available during economic recession.

Print your CV, make a few copies, and pay a visit to a few factories and local businesses. In this case, aim for bigger places (companies that employ at least one hundred people). You will be surprised how many open vacancies they have at the moment.

And, considering the situation on the employment market, they may give you a chance to start working for them immediately. So you will get the job fast…

A man interviews for a job in a building company

Try not to look desperate, and prepare for the interview

Obviously they will at least talk to you before offering you a job–regardless of the place or company you apply with, regardless of how badly they need someone new. Informal interview is still an interview, and you should prepare yourself for the meeting with the employer.

Try to make a good impression, and do not sound too desperate. Because if you did sound desperate, they might try to take advantage of it, and offer you the lowest possible salary.

You should rather look like someone who is interested in getting a job, but is not too pushy and does not depend on one employer/opportunity only. Show them your strengths, let them know when you can start and answer their questions well… To prepare for the interview we recommend reading the following articles:



In current economic climate, it is definitely possible to get a job very fast. If you need money right now, try to lower your expectations, and accept any offer that is available to you. You can always quit your new job in a month or even earlier, and look for something better.

Work with your network of connections, apply directly in restaurants and companies, or try tutoring or signing up with a temporary staffing agency.

Any method you choose, be sure to prepare for the meeting with the employer, and for the most common questions they will ask you in the interview.

We wish you good luck!

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