The world of bacteria, fungi, and viruses still holds many secrets. Microorganisms and their fascinating world may represent the doors to scientific knowledge that will revolutionize the way in which we treat various illnesses and medical conditions.

Let’s have a look at some questions you may face while interviewing for this fascinating job.

Interview Questions for Microbiologists

1. Tell us about your previous research work

Refer to your thesis and any other work you’ve done up to this point. Focus on results and the value your work brought to other scientists.

2. What research fields interest you the most?

You should have a clear idea of things you want to work on in the future. In an ideal case they should align with the direction the organization where you apply for the job takes.

3. What do you do to ensure you stick to all safety standards in the laboratory?

Ensure them that safety is your first priority. You do not want any virus to leak from a lab as it might possibly happen in China. Talk about protective clothes, gloves and double checking everything.

4. Can you name the most common human diseases caused by fungi?

Ringworm, and candida infections of various parts of human body will do for an answer. Feel free to add a few not so well known diseases, such as mucormycosis.

5. When do you use DNA sequencing in your work?

DNA sequencing is used to identify a particular type of bacteria, molds, or yeasts.

6. What do you know about our hospital (research center, institute)?

Try to praise them for something they do well. Do your homework and check their achievements in the field of research or publication.

microbiologist working with a microscope

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