Decent salary, ability to change something in your community, relaxing working environment, and a position other people respect. All of this characterizes a typical government job. But how can you get it? The easiest way is utilizing a personal connection. If you know someone who works for one of the governmental offices, and if you can rely on the person, ask them for a helping hand.

Personal referrals account for more than 50% of new hires in government sector–a number you should not take lightly… Do not be ashamed to ask someone for help. People like to help the others, especially their friends, because once we help somebody we feel better. But what to do if you do not have the right connections? We will have a look at some strategies that can work for you in this case.


Apply with a specialized government jobs agency

Where is demand, there will be supply. Clever entrepreneurs took their chance and established agencies that specialize in recruiting people for the government. Owners of the agencies are often close friends with the people who work in the government–that is how they got this job, that is how they got the chance to work in the sector.

Go and apply while you can, while this business model doesn’t collapse, or isn’t prohibited by law. The disadvantage? In many cases you will have to pay a commission for their service, and the success is not guaranteed. They may take your money and eventually find no job for you–that is how it works in agency recruitment. If you want to try it, you have to count with the risk it involves.

interview in an agency that specilizes in recruitment for governent jobs. We can see four women on the picture.

Browse your network of connections

An average American knows more than five hundred people. Just look at your Facebook friends count, and you will understand. True, Facebook friends are not real friends–you met some of them once or twice, and you won’t even greet them on the street (or recognize them in the crowd). But still, asking them for advice or for help doesn’t cost anything. So why not giving it a try?

Government sector represents a huge part of every economy. What are the odds that someone from your friends is working directly, or indirectly for the government? The odds are high. You just need to go through your contact list, and give a call to the right people. If they help you (with an advice or recommendation), great. If they do not, at least you tried…


Follow the standards set by the government

You can always apply for a government job on the official website USAJOBS (or an equivalent in your country). Try to follow the guidelines on their website, and once they finally invite you for an interview (it can take ages, and it may never happen), prepare as well as you can for the meeting with the interviewers. Interview Penguin can help you with you interview preparation.

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