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Woman prepared for the teacher interview questionsTo work as a teacher is actually a mission. Doesn’t matter what grade you want to teach at, you should be a role model for your students and lead them towards a better future.  Asking various targeted questions in this interview, employers try to figure out if you have the right personality for this job and if you can be a good role model for your students.

As a good teacher, you should not only know all the answers to the  interview questions, but also have an ability to speak in a simple way, to the point, and the way that anyone can understand you.  Think about it for a while…

If the employer can not understand you in the interview, how could you teach the others? Great communication sills are the crucial factor in teacher interview.  Let’s have a look now at some commonly used teacher interview questions and answers.


Commonly used questions in teacher interview

Q1: Why do you think you could be a good teacher?

Always keep in mind that teaching is a mission, not a profession. To mention that you believe in your ability to educate the others and help them to be happy and successful in life, is likely the best answer you can offer the interviewers.  However, to mention that you feel good with young people and young people feel good with you is also a good answer to such teacher interview questions. Pick the one that suits you better.


Q2: Why have you chosen to apply for a job in our institution?

People in schools are always proud. Even if everyone else said their school is bad, they deeply inside believe it is a best one. So, to make them happy in the interview, simply mention a good reputation of the school, well set study program, or possibly some of your own personal positive experience with the school – maybe your kids or yourself studied there? Small honest compliment can make miracles for you in this question.


Q3: What are your weaknesses as a teacher?

Being too over-friendly with students, or maybe not hundred percent punctual are good choices of your weaknesses once they target it within the questions. Come on, no teacher is hundred percent punctual… After choosing your weakness, do not forget to mention how hard you work on the improvements. That is what they want to hear in the interview. We talk more about this topic in our article about weakness interview question.


Q4: Describe your teaching experience, and especially achievements in the field of teaching.

While being asked about your experience, you shoudl focus on two things. First one is to mention how you helped particular students to start their career well. Did any of your students become a successful manager or entrepreneur? Or, did you make from an ever-failing kid a perfect student? If yes, do not forget to mention it. Other area you can use to support your job application is to mention how you helped the school to improve its reputation and how students were recommending the school because of you.

And in case you are a novice, you can always give examples from your personal life, like helping someone to overcome a crisis, or study a difficult subject. We hope you’ll find good answers to experience related teacher interview questions. Just remember-  focus on the achievements.


Q5: What are your salary expectations?

Sometimes, especially at institutions like schools, employer will ask you about your salary expectations. The best answer to say that you are ready to stick with their salary structures, at least for the beginning. This shows the interviewer that you have looked into their school program and that you know what is expected from you, not to mention that you do not expect the rules to be changed just for you. That’s the approach interviewers look for in teaching interviews.


Q6: What are the current trends in Mathematics (Physics, Chemistry, Literature)?

Teacher interview questions targeting your area of expertise will be also a part of the majority of teaching interviews. In fact, the expert in Mathematics does not have to be a great Math teacher, and contrariwise. But anyway, you should know your subject well to be able to teach the others to know it well. So, before the interview, check what is new in your area. You might be surprised how fast things change…


So, that’s it. We hope that this short list will help you in the interview.

If you want some more inspiration, you can check how to prepare lesson plans for teacher interview, or check some other useful pages on the website. And if you are not sure if you want to have this job, we recommend you to think about some career options for teachers.

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