Glen Hughins

Glen Hughins (a pen name) is an Recruitment Consultant and Interview Coach from Philadelphia. He has worked as a school principal for fifteen years, before changing his career for interview coaching and writing. He authored several successful eBooks, most notably the Principal Interview Guide, which he sells, together with another eBook, on his specialized website , where he tries to help people from all around the world succeed in their interviews for jobs in educational administration.

He authored more than 50 articles on website, primarily covering careers and interviews for various roles in teaching, and educational administration. Since 2021 he isn’t writing new content for us, but he is still responsible for updating his existing articles on the website, making sure they stay accurate and up to date. He also authored several eBooks we sell here, the most popular from them being the School Counselor Interview Guide, with hundreds of copies sold, and virtually no refund requests over the years.

Besides his online writing and coaching, Glen still works “on the other side of the barricade”, leading interviews and hiring processes in a US based recruitment agency, which specializes mostly in teacher recruitment. Since his articles on and other websites often reflect his first-hand experience from the interviews, he prefers using a pen name “Glen Hughins” instead of his real name, to remain anonymous and make sure that the job seekers he interviews at the agency aren’t prepared for every interview question he covers online…

You can contact Glen at glen[at]interviewpenguin[dot]com, he typically responds within 8 hours, but sometimes when on a business trip or in midst of long interviewing session, it can take him up to 48 hours to reply.

A few references to Glen’s online work:

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