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If you are going to undertake the sales interview, you should rather have a look at following questions. There is a good chance you will need to answer it soon.

The truth is that the sales recruiting is probably the toughest recruiting in the world, when considered to recruiting for other job openings.
That’s why recruiters usually invite many applicants for an interview, and use a good set of sales targeted interview questions as well as role play exercises, in order to locate the one who knows how to work with people and sell things and ideas.


You need to have the salesman inside of you

This man is ready for all sales interview questionsHonestly if you do not have the predispositions, it won’t matter too much what you answer to the sales interview questions. In sales interview, recruiters will observe more your behavior, soft skills and your ability to present and sell your thoughts. What you answer to given questions is not that important when we speak about positions in sales department.

But in case you have the right predispositions, soft skills and abilities, to have good answers prepared to some commonly used questions can make a difference between success and failure. At least in case when more applicants have the desired abilities and skill set on your level. So, here we go.

List of most common sales interview questions

  • Question 1. Try to name three characteristics of a great salesman from your point of view.
  • Question 2. What features and benefits of your product will you present to your customer and why?
  • Question 3. If your task is to locate hundred potential customers on a new market and sell at least five products there, how will you proceed?
  • Question 4. What is your technique to close the deal?
  • Question 5. How do you move forward from a series of bad rejections?
  • Question 6. Do you know what is a cold call? If yes, what is from your point of view the primary intention of a cold call?
  • Question 7. Would you prefer to be paid purely on commission bases, or to receive some fix every month?
  • Question 8. What do you consider the most tough sale you have successfully land in your entire career, an why it was tough.
  • Question 9. Can you tell me how your ability to sell helped you in your personal life.
  • Question 10. How do you ensure that you will meet your sales targets every month?
  • Question 11. Do you have any idol in life, when we speak about selling?
  • Question 12. What do you consider as your biggest difficulty in selling?
  • Question 13. Can you sell me this mobile phone/pen?


Success and failure in the sales interview

So this was the list of some tough sales interview questions. Hopefully it will help you in your interview preparation. But please do not forget, in the sales interview, it is something else that your answers what makes the difference between your success and failure.

If you are not sure about your sales skills, we recommend you to pay for courses and trainings in order to improve your sales skills. Good luck in your interview!

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