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Official logo of PerlPerl, originally designed or Unix scripting in 1987 has evolved a lot since then. Nowadays, it belongs to the most popular scripting languages, especially in India and US. Being used in commercial areas like system administration, programming of LANs and WANs, graphic programing, but also scientific disciplines like bioinformatics, many job openings for Perl developers have arisen lately.

In case you want to get this kind of job, you will need to deal with plenty of interview queries and challenges related to Perl. But even doing this well does not have to be enough to get the job all the time. You also need to show the potential employer the added value you can bring to the company while creating code in Perl. Always keep in mind the efficiency of your work and the profit of the company. This way you will make the right impression.

We prepared for you some interview questions typically used in this form of interview. It’s a simple list you can practice with. Will you be able to answer all the questions? Well, we will see!


Typically used Perl interview questions

  • Do you know what does the name Perl means?
  • Java has a cup of coffee as a symbol. Do you know what is the symbol of Perl?
  • Can you name some areas where Perl has an advantage to all other scripting languages? Why does it hold this advantage?
  • If you shoudl choose a characteristics of Perl from the two following options: minimalistic, elegant, powerful; or easy to use, complete, practical. Which one characterize Perl better?
  • Can you give us several practical examples of your scripting in Perl?
  • When we speak about dynamic memory management or dynamic typing associated with Perl. What this means for the users and their computers?
  • Can you name three popular well known web applications that are coded in Perl?
  • Is Perl available under GNU License?
  • Perl is strongly preferred for database applications. Do you know what is the reason for this? Do you have any experience with using Perl in coding database apps?
  • If you should characterize three main strengths and three main weaknesses of Perl, what would it be?


As you can see, the above mentioned questions represent a combination of practical and theoretic questions. Asking these sort of, recruiters are finding out how well do you understand the background of Perl, how well do you see the benefits of it. Well, firstly you have to understand these benefits and specifications of Perl, to be able to successfully apply it in your job later. Think about it.

However, of course you will be confronted with many more practical job interview questions. We mention these below. Do not forget that in order to be successful and get the job, you need to deal with booth groups of Perl interview questions. Good luck!

  • How would you download whole content of concrete URL using Perl?
  • Is there any possible to generate a text file list of all html files in certain directory using Perl?
  • What is the main function of TK module?
  • Define the following commands: for&foreach. What is the difference among these?
  • What module of Perl do you like the most and why?
  • $, @. Both these symbols define something in Perl. Do you know what exactly?
  • (d|dd|1dd|2[0-4]d|25[0-5]) – Can you decode this code? Do you know what it means in Per
  • What is a hash in Perl?


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