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Panel interview members assesing the candidateIt is a specific type of an interview, where you are meeting not one interviewer, but a group of people. Usually this model is used for high executive positions or in government. However, it is also commonly applied in smaller companies, where simply a group of people decides about everything.
So, how to get prepared for your panel interview?

Firstly, you should realize few things about the members of the interviewing panel:

  • You will meet the most clever people from the company.
  • These people are people with the power to decide about your future in the company. .
  • People that will interview you are not typical interviewers and not at all HR persons. These people are decision makers, or at least there is sitting one decision maker.
  • Once you enter the room for an interview, the people there know everything about you and your career. Maybe even something you are not aware of.
  • Panel interview is a final step of recruiting process, always. Once you are invited for a panel interview, this is the day when it will be decided if you get the job or not.


Few things you should do before the interview:

1. Try to find out as much info as possible about the members of interviewing panel. You can use this info to create positive emotions in the interviewing room – even the CEOs like if someone is interested in them and their achievements. CEO is also a human.

2. Think about your future role as much as possible, and try to prepare some ideas and plans how you would like to contribute to the achievements of company goals and prosperity while doing your job.

3. Try to calm down. If you were invited for the panel interview, it means that you fulfill all the requirements for the job. The question is just if the important people in the company will like you, your attitudes and approaches or not…. Simply if you are thinking on the same wavelength as they are – that is what matters now. There is no need to be nervous.

Just stay who you are, present your ideas, and always have the goals of the company as your first priority. This is the best you can do to get a position you dream of.



Panel interview is in fact easier than other models of interview. You just have to believe into yourself, realize who is interviewing you, and forget on yourself for a while. Now it is time to speak about their company, their goals and what you can do for it. Good luck!

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