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Mock interview is a simulation of real job interview. It is used in the process of interview coaching as a preparation for real job interview. The key is to make mock interview as authentic as possible, with all the emotions that belongs to it.

Mock interview is usually done with experienced interview coach and often is also recorded. After the interview coach analyze with the interviewee all the aspects of an interview, what means:

  • His verbal communication
  • His non-verbal communication
  • Answers to interview questions
  • Way he showed the interest and motivation for the job
  • Overall presence in the interview
  • And others

Mock interview became quite popular lately, from a simple reason: The competition is higher every day and job seekers today are much better prepared as they used to be before.

The ideal coaching session consists of several, approximately half hour long, mock interviews. After every interview coach discuss with the interviewee the potential areas for improvements. After, they try the same interview (with slightly different questions) another time.

The process is repeated, until a candidate himself is satisfied with the mock interview and feels ready both informatively and mentally for a real interview.

However, mock interview has also several disadvantages:

  • Despite the intention to make mock interview as authentic as possible, there are things you can not train. You subconsciously know that the coach is not a real employer and that’s why you are more relaxed all the time. However, one of the advanced strategies is to later imagine that the real employer is only your interview coach, and recollect so calmness and confidence from your mock interview.
  • You can not practice all the hassle around. Just imagine it: You have trained so much in your mock interview, and now there is your big day. But you have lost in the city and get on wrong subway line. You know you will be late… In such a moment, all the preparation is gone.
  • You never know what surprises the employer prepared for you. There are things you can not get ready for in mock interview. On the D-day, you arrive to the company, ready and confident, just to see that you will undertake an interview with bunch of other people (group interview) or in front of bunch of unknown people (panel interview).

Mock interview is definitely a good interview preparation. But it will be a mistake to rely on it only. Check also interview coaching or career advice section on our website to have a better picture of your possibilities.

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