University students in the lecture hall. We can see about two dozens of students, all them are making notes and watching the lecturer. MBA degree still means a lot for many employers. Before you can benefit from it, however, you firstly have to earn it, and even before you can earn it you have to get accepted to MBA study program.

In this article we will have a look at some questions the hiring committees at schools typically ask the students who try to enroll in MBA programs. Let’s go!


Questions from the colleges in the United States and in United Kingdom

  • Why do you think we should choose you, and not someone else for this MBA program?
  • Do you think you are ready to start the MBA right now? What has helped you to feel ready for it?
  • Please describe your career plan, and your dream job.
  • Why do you think people should have an MBA degree?
  • Is there any special reason why have you decided exactly for our institution, why you want to earn the MBA degree with us?
  • Describe your biggest failure.
  • MBA applicants waiting for their interview, their body language betrays signs of nervousity.What caught your eye when you were studying the list of subjects in this MBA program?
  • If you had a chance to choose, would you go for a full two-year long MBA program, or for an accelerated one?
  • Have you ever led a team? What experience did you gain while leading the team?
  • What do you think should a good MBA student brings to the course, and how should they enrich the other students in the course?
  • Describe a time you struggled to make a connection with someone important.
  • On a scale from one to ten, try to give a mark to your emotional intelligence, and your IQ.
  • Name all cultures and business approaches you have experience with. Which one do you like the most?
  • Would you like to travel a lot in the future?
  • Do you prefer to be employed, or to run your own business?
  • Describe a time you tried to achieve a goal and failed.

Your attitude matters, prepare also for the tests

A man who succeeded in an MBA interview, he wears a big smile, and holds his work portfolio in hands. The interview is typically a combination of personal and behavioral questions, and a few tests (personality test, IQ test, short case study, etc).

Alternatively, at colleges that aren’t prestigious, the interviews can be short, and you will not deal with any tests in them.

Everything is a question of supply and demand. If 1,000 people apply for a study program, and they can accept only thirty of them, prepare for a lengthy admission process, many questions, and some test. If fifty people apply and they want to accept thirty, the interviews will be more simple and straightforward.

One way or another, your goal remains the same: to show them that you know what you want to do in life, that you know why you want to study MBA, that you have your goals and plans, and know a bit of everything, including business, marketing, psychology, project and process management, human resources…

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