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Students who successfully pass MBA interview sit in a big classroomTo have MBA written in front of your name opens you many doors. In developed countries, US and UK especially, this title is highly respected and has a special value in the eyes of interviewers. It is simply something special and not many people have it.
The reason why MBA is so respected is not only that is is tough to accomplish this degree, but also because it is not easy at all to actually even get into the program.


Various tough interview questions will represent barriers on your way towards the program. To help you a little, we put together for you a list of these MBA interview questions. Well, in fact it differs in every institution. But you can at least use this as in inspiration and basic understanding what to expect in the MBA interview.


Common MBA interview questions used in the United States and United Kingdom

  • Why do you thin we should choose your for this MBA program?
  • Do you think you are ready to start the MBA now? If yes, why do you think so.
  • Can you please describe us briefly your career plan?
  • what role are you aiming for in ten years horizon?
  • Why do you think people should have an MBA degree to be successful in life?
  • Is there any special reason why have you decided exactly for our institution?
  • What caught your eye the most from the subjects in our MBA program?
  • If you had a chance to choose, would you go for a full two-year long MBA program, or for an accelerated one?
  • Have you ever lead a team toward a common goal in your life? What experience did you gain while doing that?
  • What do you think should a good MBA student brings to the course and how should he enrich the other students?
  • On a scale from one to ten, try to give a mark to your emotional and classical intelligence.
  • With what cultures have you dealt yet and what business approach was the most appealing to you?
  • Would you like to travel a lot?
  • Do you prefer to be employed or to run your own business?


MBA interview questions target mostly your studies, but also your viewpoints on the business and life. You should become an open minded person to have a good chance to be chosen in this interview. An ideal MBA applicant should know a little from everything, including but not limited to marketing, finance, human resources, history and foreign languages. Well, it is an elite club, so it will not be easy to get there.

To mention one more important thing at the end, MBA interview is not only about tough MBA interview questions. You will also have to cope with practical case studies, psychometric testes and very probably write an essay. But if you make everything right and do not underestimate your preparation, your chances to get a place in MBA program will be quite good.

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