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Luck favors the prepared. When we speak about job interview, it is especially true. Interview preparation tips will help you to make the first and in fact the most important step towards having a great job.

Complete interview preparation consists of several parts and you shouldn’t underestimate a single one. In this article we will try to specify the parts of interview preparation and give you some useful tips how to prepare. Hopefully it will help you in your efforts to get a job. At the end of the interview, other candidates can enviously say that “you are lucky”. But you will know that you got it because of your great interview preparation.


Physical part of interview preparation

Applicants often forget on this critical part of their preparations.  To have a good sleep and eat a good meal can be critical. If you think about food or yawn all the time during a job interview, you can only hope to get a job.

This is not the best way to prepare for job interview.Also, to run a half marathon one day before the job interview is not a very best idea. I tried it one time… If your body hurts, your mind will be too focused on it and your interview concentration is going to be low.

Best thing you can do is to spend a perfect day, or at least a perfect half-day before your job interview. Do what you like, go for a walk to nature, or watch your favorite TV series.

Do not stress yourself too much in the last moments. That’s never positive.  Go to bed early the day before your job interview and have a good tasty breakfast definitely.

Enjoy your time before the job interview, so both your mind and your body are relaxed and ready for the important moment. You will need your best performance in the job interview to have a good chance to succeed.


Informational part of interview preparation

Woman is looking for interview preparation tips onlineThis is the part most of the applicants focus on before their job interview. Of course, it is also a very important. You should definitely double-check all your materials, your interview portfolio, resume, but also your travel plan and all the little things to ensure everything is at place.

You should read the company website carefully, the same applies to their Facebook account, Twitter account etc.

Clever applicants will also use Google search feature to check some information about people that will interview them. Armed with all these information you can easily show your strong interest and desire to work for the company and also compliment someone from the interviewers, for their recent achievements.


Some guys out there are extremely clever and do not need any from out tips… Learn from this experiment, how to get appointment for job interview of your dreams:


Mental part of interview preparation

It is exactly the mental part of interview preparation where the biggest gap between winners and losers stands. When going to the job interview, it is critical to have the right mindset.

Many applicants do not believe in themselves and consider their chances of succeeding negligible. However, this way of thinking is sharply reflected in their presence during an interview. They act as losers and so logically – the will finish on the wrong side of the line when the day is over.

When traveling to the job interview, you should relax. You can listen to some positive music or play a video game or do whatever to clear your mind. Definitely, you should not check your resume and information about the company once again. You have already done that a day before the interview, haven’t you?

In case that you strongly believe into the last minute preparation, do it in a relaxing, simple way. Do not bury yourself under tons of papers and plenty of information. That will just confuse you and make you feeling stressed…

Rather listen to some mp3 job interview guides, like I will get a job. Such records will help you to be well prepared and also to calm down before your important job interview.  There are also few other good paid products out there, just search for them and you’ll find.


Believe into yourself, that’s the only way how to succeed in the job interview. That’s the mental part of interview preparation.


Practical part of interview preparation

Two women practicing interview questions togetherAlthough all of us have heard that practice is better than knowledge, just few apply it also when preparing for job interview.

Try to role-play a job interview with one of your friends. Practice some interview questions with him/her, practice the introduction part, practice what ever you want…

Okay, I know it is not the same with the friend and it can’t be compared to real interview situations… (Especially when we compare the stress level.)

If it is better for you, you can practice with professional job interview coach. Coach is not your friend and a good one can simulate various stressful situations, exactly like as you were in the job interview.


So that’s it. Use our preparation tips, prepare for your job interview mentally and physically, obtain enough information about the interviewers and the company and do not forget to practice. Doing all of these, you can easily end up being the best one in the interview. Good luck!

PS: Read also more about common interview questions or how to construct a great interview portfolio. You want to be the best, one don’t you?

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