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Young women are preparing for internship interview questionsUniversities as well as high schools all around the world co-operate with big companies on internship programs. If you want to secure a spot in it, you will likely be confronted with set of difficult questions.

Despite is just an internship, companies have their best interests to choose best applicants for this specific sort of employment. Several specifications of internship are later reflected in internship interview questions. While preparing the interview template, recruiters keep in mind the following specifications of internship:

  • Length of internship (usually less than one year)
  • The future possibilities (would you be interested to co-operate with the company/ work for it also in the future?)
  • Nature of internship work (usually not the high end working duties)


Anyway, companies like to offer internship to students or fresh graduates they see some potential in, as it helps to build their reputation and they also can find a rough stone with some edges of the diamond that was not discovered yet. Internship is simply a way of talent recruiting, doesn’t matter if companies agree or not.

Being an applicant, what questions can you expect to get in the internship interview? Honestly, it depends strongly on the position you are applying for, size of the company where internship is offered and many other factors. On the other hand, there are certain tendencies reflected in practically every internship interview. Let’s have a look at the following list:


Common internship interview questions

  • 1. Why did you decided to study exactly medicine (or other field)?
  • 2. What do you know about us and why are you interested to take internship in our company?
  • 3. Can you please outline your career plan, what you like to do in five years, ten years, etc.?
  • 4. Why do you think our company should offer an internship to you?
  • 5. If we offer you a place, what do you think you will be able to bring to our company during one year long internship?
  • 6. Do you think that your school prepared for for practical working tasks in a real company?
  • 7. Case study. Imagine you have to fulfill {certain working task} in {certain time horizon}. Outline your plan of action in order to accomplish the task.
  • 8. Once your internship is finished, what are your future plans?
  • 9. Try to describe ideal working environment?
  • 10. What do you imagine you will do daily, if we offer you to take internship in our company?

People shake hands after taking internshipAnd what to answer to these questions? You should already know it… Do not speak about what you want to get and what you plan to gain from the internship. Rather show the employer, what value you plan to bring to the the company in case they offer you to take internship there.

Connect your future with the industry and with the company if possible. Show some enthusiasm and determination when speaking about the company.
And when you will be defining ideal company environment from your point of view, it should be “accidentally” closeto the environment of the company where you want to take the internship.
Answer all the questions the right way and secure your place in the company. We wish you good luck!

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