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We put together for you a list of some common HP Quality Center interview questions and right answers to these questions. You can practice with the questions if you are a job seeker, or use them in the interview in case you represent an employer.

Once you are in the interview for an administrator of HP Quality Center, you will compete only with experts in the field. It’s simply a niche market. For this reason, you can not afford to not know the right answers to HP Quality Center interview questions. If you give two or three wrong answers, your chances will be gone. Focus on your preparation strongly and do not forget to check also some job interview preparation tips.

Common HP Quality Center interview questions

What is HP Quality Center and why do companies use it?
HP Quality Center (QC) is a set of web-based test management software from HP. It supports high level of communication and interaction amongst various stakeholders (especially developers, testers, final users) in order to achieve more efficient global testing process.

Can you name at least five products of HP Quality Center and describe this products in one sentence?

  • HP Change Impact Testing Module for SAP Apps – it is designed to offer recommendations on SAP testing priorities. It is able to evaluate business risk, analyze the technical impact, tune the strategy and create execution plan for SAP apps.
  • HP Functional Testing software – It is designed for manual and automated testing for GUI based services and applications.
  • HP QuickTest – Provides functional and regression testing automation for application environments.
  • HP Service Test software – provides simplified and fully automated testing of service oriented architecture services.
  • HP Test Data Management software – Automated the process of data collection from online applications and combines masking data extraction with automated data extraction.

These were probably two most common HP Quality Center interview questions. You have to know the tools to be able to work with them. Let’s have a look now at some more detailed HP Quality Center interview questions

Can you define the Test Lab?
It is a module where a Test Case is imported. It is created in Test Plan and then executed in test Lab.

How can one maintain test data in Quality Center?
You have to create a separate folder in test plan where you can store the data.

Is there a possibility to export files to excel sheet?
Yes it is, using a simple button or command practically all the data can be exported to excel sheet.

Can we save the results of test executed in Test Lab?
We do not have to do it, all the tests are saved automatically.

How will you generate a report of a defect in QC?
It is generated automatically after you click on the submit button.
What was your score? Were you able to answer at least six of our HP Quality Center interview questions? If you were able to, you should be doing well in the interview. We wish you good luck!

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