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Employer always needs a good reason to give you a job. You know, you are one of the expenses on his long list, a regular monthly expense actually! Therefor he wants to find a good reason to employ you, with or without your help. Because of this, why should we hire you question is present in many job interviews.

We will analyze it in detail (as well as other difficult questions) and offer good answers to it, for a variety of job openings. Let’s analyze it from a theoretic point of view firstly.


What do interviewers want to hear from you?

  • They want to hear how you could help their company to prosper and they want to hear that you actually care about it.
  • They desire to know how motivated and enthusiastic you are.
  • They strive to understand the added value you can bring to their company.


Now wait a second. Shouldn’t the interviewers figure it out without your help? Aren’t they paid for their ability to recognize your potential and assess your strengths and weaknesses in an interview?
Well, they are paid for that. However, they can ask you this question from one of the following reasons:

  • They want to see if you are able to assess your own skills. They simply want to understand your own idea about yourself. It helps them to determine your level of trustworthiness, confidence and other important things.
  • They simply use this question, because everyone else uses it in the interview.
  • They are not able to find out why they should give you a job – so as a last chance, they ask you to tell them :).


Interviewers are not perfect. There are many great recruiters in the US and everywhere else, but there are also some bad recruiters. It is the same with every other job, isn’t it? Therefor, you should use your opportunity and prepare a great answer to this question.


What you should NOT answer to this question.

Many job seekers have a tendency to use general answers. However, it is not a good strategy. Amongst typical bad answers without a doubt belong:

Why should we hire you?

  • Because I am the best candidate for this job. How can you tell that, when you do not know other applicants?
  • Because I want this job so badly. Interviewers are not concerned about your wants and depression. It is not important for them.
  • I fulfill all the requirements for the job. This is simply too general. You need to mention what requirements you fulfill, if you decide to go this direction.
  • I have no idea. Well, if you have no idea, how can an employer get it?


You need to be specific in your answer. Do not make the same mistake people do when answering what are your goals question.

You need to be specific and tell them exactly what they desire to hear . You can use the following simple guide to construct the perfect answer to this question:

  1. Write down all the abilities and skills that are important for this job. (You can find it on the job description or figure it out on your own.)
  2. Think which of these skills you have.
  3. Use it in your answer and mix it with your strong motivation and enthusiasm for the job.


Please do not forget that your answer should correspond with your presence in an interview. You can tell the employer hundred times how motivated you are for the job. But if you are bored, yawn, and employer can not see your enthusiasm, he will not trust your answer what so ever…
But why to be negative?  Let’s rather have a look at sample answers for different jobs.


Sample why should we hire you answers for various jobs

General managerial position

  • You should hire me, because I have an ability to uncover and develop the strengths of the others and utilize it to achieve the prosperity of the entire company. Management is my passion and I just love to help the others to achieve their goals, enjoy their job and benefit the company.

General marketing position

  • I am very creative, with a golden touch when it comes to touching the hearts and minds of the consumers. I really enjoy to work in marketing and am strongly motivated to create unique and successful campaigns for your clients.

General sales position

  • I really like the product of your company, that is the first reason why you should hire me. You can sell something well only when you really like it. Secondly, I am really passionate about selling and enjoy myself when pitching the customers. I know how to deal with different personalities and have guts to talk to anyone.

Entry level jobs

  • I am aware of the fact that I have no experience. However, I am willing to learn, am motivated to work hard and will do my very best every day to help you to achieve your goals.

Top management jobs

  • You should hire me, because I have always the goals of the company as my first priority. I never let emotions to influence my decisions. If it is good for the prosperity of a company, I don’t mind firing even a good friend of mine. I am able to decide quickly and do the right move at the right time. I am ready to take your company to the next level.

Customer care and assistance

  • I love to talk with the others and help them. This makes me happy in my job. I will create a smile on the faces of your customers. They will be willing to come back to make another purchase. This is simply my personality and you should hire me because of it.

People working on the phone (call center, telemarketing and similar positions)

  • To make a phone call is my favorite activity. I like to talk on the phone, am not discouraged by negative responses and have an ability to turn the negatively tuned responder to a prospect. I believe that this is good for your company.

HR positions

  • I have an ability to see the good and bad in people. I am able to quickly understand if they can be useful for the company. I work very professionally and never let my emotions to take control of my decisions. What more, I simply love to talk to the others and give a good job to the people who deserve it.

Programmers and coders

  • My computer is my best friend. If I work on the project, I am able to focus purely on my tasks. Nothing can take my concentration away when I work. I have my own point of view and can give interesting insights on every project I participate on. I am creative and work hard on my coding skills all the time. I fact I try to learn something new every day.

Software testers

  • To test the software and bring it to perfection is a greatest satisfaction for me. I can work with a variety of testing tools. Despite the fact that most job seekers do so, I do not consider this job as routine. Oppositely, I find it fascinating and wake up happy to work every morning.


  • My job is my mission. I believe that teachers shape the future of their students. Therefore, I approach my job very responsibly. I try my best to be a good role model and tutor for all my students.


  • I do not look for the career growth, or a great salary, like some other people do. I just want to help the people in the hotel to feel good. I just want to do my best every day to achieve the satisfaction of the guests. That makes from me a good candidate to hire.

Administrative workers and office managers

  • I am pretty organized. I keep good track of everything and work very effectively. I do not mind to do routine tasks. In fact, I prefer it. I am always positive in work. Typically, it makes the other people happy too. To create a good atmosphere on a workplace is important and therefor you should hire me.


These were samples of why should we hire you answer for different jobs. As you can see, it goes about the answers anyone can use. However, you should always add to it the following points:


  • The relevant experience you have
  • Any special skills that are (or could potentially be) beneficial for the job
  • Relevant education you have
  • Positive feelings and thoughts when it comes to the working culture, environment, visions and goals of your potential employer.


Do not forget: Tell them what they want to hear.

You should be able to answer this difficult question now. If you are not, we advice you to read the whole article once again. Anyway, if you want to see more than 150 brilliant interview answers, we recommend you having a look at this e-book. It’s well written and probably the best one out there when it comes to general interview preparation. Thank you.

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