You know how it goes. Looking for a job, you read one job ad after another. And you like some offers, and can imagine thriving in such a job. There is one problem though: they always require experience in the field. As if everyone was born with experience… Of course, you can always get a job in a fast food restaurant, or at a grocery store. But what if you want something better, considering your education and career goals? In such a case, you will sooner or later (on a job application, or in an interview), answer the following question: “Why should we hire you with no experience?”

Do not let it discourage you though. There are many reasons why it actually can make sense for the employer to hire you, regardless of your lack of experience. We will have a look at some in our list of 7 sample answers. Read them all, and find one which resonates with you and with the message you try to convey in the interviews. And always remember that everyone had their first job one day–even the top managers of Fortune 500 companies who earn thirty thousand dollar per month or more today…


7 sample answers to “Why should we hire you with no experience?” interview question

  1. First of all, I believe you do not really need previous experience to excel in this job. I have read a lot about an excellent training program your corporation has in place for new hires, and believe that someone with my level of intelligence and motivation¬†will have no problem to learn the job quickly. What’s more, I studied financial analysis at the university, worked with the software programs you use in the company, and believe to have the knowledge to handle the job. Everything considered, I do not see my lack of experience as a disadvantage. Maybe I will need a few extra days at work to get a good grasp of the job, when compared to someone who has experience, but in my opinion such things should not decide the interviews, especially when I hope to work in your company for many years to come.
  2. I believe to be a great match for the job. Maybe I have never worked in the field, or anywhere else, but I have excellent communication skills, thrive in fast-paced environment, and it has always been my dream to work in automotive, because I love cars. In my opinion, right attitude and motivation beats experience, and you can be sure I am as motivated as anyone to get this job, and will give my 100% at work every day. Will it be enough to succeed? I hope so, but you have the final word.
  3. The way I see it, experience is actually a disadvantage in this job. Because you have excellent processes in place for everything in the company, and this isn’t a job that requires out of the box thinking or creativity. In my opinion, you need someone like me, fresh from the college, not used to how things work in another corporation, not wanting to bring his own way of doing things to the workplace. You need someone who is ready to learn and conform, and follow the processes you have developed over the years here. And I am exactly ready to do that, with commitment and determination, day after day, hour after hour.
  4. You should hire me because this is your only chance to get me onboard. For you I am just another job candidate on a long list. But I know my qualities, and how much I can bring onboard, in terms of leadership, empathy, and courage. Speaking honestly, once I have a bit of experience, I believe I won’t struggle to get any managerial job I want–in any company. But now you still have the chance to hire me, and see for yourself what I can do. And if things go well I may actually stay with you for years to come, progressing in the corporate hierarchy, and helping you to achieve your goals. If you miss this chance, however, you won’t get another one.
  5. Speaking honestly, I know my lack of experience is a disadvantage. Or at least it can seem that way. However, you should realize that as someone applying for my first job, I do not have such high salary expectations, can work for less, and also I still have this sparkle in the eye and enthusiasm for the challenges of the workplace. Experienced people can do the job better, but they also cost you more, and many of them go to job only because they have bills to pay and kids to feed. They hate their job… That’s not my case though. I am eager to work hard, and hope you will give me a chance to prove my words.
  6. Though I have no previous working experience, it doesn’t mean that I cannot do the work. Look, I’ve been repairing cars in the family for last ten years. I am self-taught, but I’ve repaired over fifty different defects over the years. Do not have a paper to prove it, but if you show me a car with the defect and give me the spare parts I will repair it. What’s more, I have right attitude to work, can work on weekends, and generally believe to able to bring some value to the workplace. Considering everything, I believe it makes sense to hire me even though I have no previous working experience in the field.
  7. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just think about it for a while–if nobody ever hired people with no previous experience, then there wouldn’t be a single employee in the United States. Because everyone has their first job one day, or internship, residency, volunteering. But in one role or another, they always start without experience. And that’s exactly where I am at the moment. Offering my skills and motivation, and readiness to work hard day after day, I hope that some smart employer will give me the chance. Why couldn’t it be you?


Show confidence in your ability to handle the job, and some enthusiasm

Let’s be honest: in eighty percent of all jobs you will take care of certain set of repetitive tasks, day after day. Not only you do not need previous experience to handle such a job. You also won’t benefit much from your education and degree–you just won’t use the knowledge in the job, or you will use just a very small part of it. That’s the reality, but of course you cannot say so in the interviews, because that’s how the entire system works: people go to school, college, get jobs, pay taxes, etc. That’s not something to question while you talk to the hiring managers.

However, you can do it indirectly, praising their training program, talking about your ability to learn new things quickly, and of course about your personality and skills fitting for the job. One way or another, right attitude is more important than experience in majority of jobs. Talking about such things you can always convince them to give you a chance.

Asking for lower salary can also get you hired

This advice may sound counterproductive, but you should also remember that it is much easier to negotiate a raise once you are already in the company, working for a few months, and have proven your skills and motivation in the job. Before it can happen, however, you firstly have to get in. Expecting less than other (more experienced) candidates can be your way of standing out in the interviews.

In the midst of pandemic, many places struggle with resources. Sure, they have their budget for every position, but it doesn’t mean that they have to spend the entire budget. Savings are always welcome, and if you expect $5K less per year than anyone else, it can win you the employment contract. But it should never be the only reason you mention. Make sure to always add your skills, personality, attitude to work, etc to the mix. Check my sample answers again if you need more inspiration…

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also sample answers to other tricky interview questions:

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