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To get a job is not an easy task in our flattering economy. For nearly every single job opening, hundreds of job applications are issued. So the questions is: How to make a grade? How to stand out from the crowd, in positive terms?

Applicants who just come to the job interview without any special preparation have just a little chance to succeed nowadays. Someone who takes his job search seriously has only two options:

  • Either he can learn how to write a perfect resume, how to communicate with the employers, how to prepare for the job interview, how to follow up the interview and how to close the deal, that means – get a job.
  • Or he can pay other people to help him with that. Interview coaching services, resume writing services and sales skills trainings are presented all over there.

Here in Interview Penguin, we want to help you to find your new occupation, doesn’t matter how tough your situation seems to be to you at the moment. The following list of articles should make your job search easier, in any situation.


How to get a job articles

  • Never get a job? – Maybe you have the feeling that it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can never get that job. If it is a case, you can understand better the reason after understanding the article.
  • What job is right for me? – Some people even struggle to find the right job. They might make one wrong decision in the past and now they feel unhappy in their daily life. If you are not sure what you should be doing in life, this article is a must reading for you.
  • How to get a job guide – Easy step by step guide from identifying what job is right for you to signing the employment contract. Well, it’s not that easy… but it’s doable.
  • How to get a job with no experience – It’s for sure harder to get a job if you have no previous related experiences. Anyway, there are some techniques that an make from your disadvantages your advantages.
  • How to find a job – Learn something more about both traditional and innovative ways how to find a job.
  • Job interview preparation tips – Some people believe that all they should do to be prepared for an interview is to check potential employer’s website. Well, it’s not true anymore. Right interview preparation consists of several parts. Learn what parts we are speaking about.
  • Interview coaching – If you really feel you are unable to do it by yourself, why not to use services of our interview coaches? Or at least you can find out what interview coaching is about.
  • Interview portfolio – A strong weapon in your hands that can give you an extra advantage over all the other applicants. You say that you have not heard about the interview portfolio yet? It’s because just one of fifty applicants uses it. It’s your chance to stand out from the crowd.
  • Interview Techniques – Find out more about some advanced interview techniques that should help you to get a job, even if you are not qualified enough for it.


Haven’t you found here what you were looking for? Then it must be located in 2nd part of this article. If you found what you have been looking for, then the team of wish you good luck in your job search!

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