Sad woman without a jobGetting a job is a question with many possible answers. You can go the traditional way–applying online, getting an invitation for an interview, preparing for it, and getting hired.

Or you can try some alternative approaches to your job search. You can utilize your network of connections, and get recommended to an employer. Or you can walk directly to the store or company, and try to get a job on a spot.

And certain job fields have their specific rules when we speak about getting a job. Monitoring what job seekers search for on Google, we prepared a few articles that should help you getting a job:

  • Get a government job – A sweet warm place in one of the government offices is a dream of many. Learn how you can turn this dream to reality.
  • Get a job at Gamestop – Gamestop receives more than 100 job applications for every position they advertise. Learn how to stand out from the other applicants, and get a job with them.
  • Get a job at Google – Just very few people will succeed and sign a job contract with Google. We look at some alternative ways of getting hired at Google.
  • Get a job at STARBUCKS – STARBUCKS receives more than 1,000,000 online job applications annually, but hires less than 100,000 people. Learn how to maximize your chances of being the one of ten who gets the job with STARBUCKS.
  • Get a job on a cruise ship – A wonderful but tough job that allows you to sail the seas and get to know new places (in rare moments when you do not have to wipe the floor or clean the cabins). A step by step guide on how to get hired for a job on a cruise ship.
  • Get a job with no experience – If you have no previous working experience, you can still land a decent job. You just have to know how to turn your disadvantage (lack of experience) to an advantage in your interview.
  • Job coaching – something about the initiative that tries to help the people with intellectual disabilities to get a real job.