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olap data warehouse structureWork in a data warehouse has become a popular job nowadays. With the constant growth of need of quick and always working availability of data, there are more and more job openings for data warehouse. It’s not a typical IT job and most likely you will not have too many competitors in the job interview.

Anyway, people who will be there will for sure know their job. To have a chance to beat them and get the job, you will need to answer all data warehouse interview questions with ease, plus demonstrate the right abilities required for the role.

We composed a list data warehouse interview questions to help you with your preparation. If you are able to answer at least 75% of them, you will do all right in the interviews. And if you can not answer it, we suggest you to practice your data warehousing knowledge. You can find very good literature to the topic and become an expert in the field in no time. All you have to do is to really devote yourself to it.

Most common data warehouse interview questions

  • Can you name the difference between physical and logical design module?
  • Define data warehousing in one sentence?
  • What means “star schema” in relation to databases?
  • Is it possible to connect two fact tables?
  • Why is data mining used more than traditional approaches?
  • Why is slicing and dicing used? Define the logical reason for it from the point of view of business owners.
  • Where does the data go from warehouse?
  • Can you define slowly changing dimensions? Are they still used?
  • What is a look-up table?
  • Name at least three practical situations where snowflake is better than star schema.
  • Is BUS schema still used? Can you name any advantages of it and why it is good to use it?
  • How can you load time dimension?
  • What is OLAP?
  • Can you define OLBD the way that a laicus will understand it?
  • Define agregate tables and its use in data warehousing?
  • What is factless facts table?
  • Can you define active data warehousing and advantages it has?


Above you can see the list of most common data warehouse interview questions. Anyway, if you are applying for the job, you probably know your stuff pretty good.

The thing is… other candidates will also be well prepared. To improve your chances, check also some interview preparation tips and typical interview questions. These will also be a part of your interview.

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