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When you are applying for a data modeling job, data modeling interview questions will be for sure a part of your job interview. First thing to realize is that you will compete only with experts in the field. Recruiters can easily asses from ones resume if he is competent for the job or not.

That’s why not only your answers to data modeling interview questions will decide if you get a job or not. Your motivation and interest for the job, your abilities important for this role (patience, attention to details, analytical thinking) are also evaluated.


All the time data modeling interview consists of three parts:

  • general interview questions, where interviewers try to asses your soft skills, general attitudes and abilities
  • targeted data modeling interview questions , related to this particular area
  • practical case study done directly in the interview, using your own or provided laptop

As you can see, to succeed in data modeling interview, you really have to know your stuff. So, check the following list of questions to test your knowledge:


List of most common data modeling interview questions

  • Can you name main difference between hashed and sequential file stage in relation to Data Stage Server?
  • Do you know what is First Normal Form.
  • Describe the second and third normal form.
  • Define star flake schema?
  • Based on what criteria will you decide what schema to use in certain data warehouse?
  • Define snow flake schema?
  • How does sparsity effect the aggregation?
  • How do you deal with recursive relationships?
  • What is denormalization and when would you use it in data modeling?
  • Can you define ERD?
  • Define mapping and transformations tools in informatica?
  • Can databases be in first or second normal form?
  • The fact and dimension table are part of which form schema?
  • Can you define conceptual models?


Of course, there can be various other, different data modeling interview questions. But if you are able to answer the presented one, you should be okay in your interview. We wish you good luck.

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