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Man is doing roleplay exercise in customer service interviewInterview questions for customer assistants are very specific, related to the position you apply for. In this post, we will have a look at ten tough, common interview questions for customer service and advise you on some good answers.

But first of all, you need to have a right mindset in your interview. You should try to act like an ideal customer service assistant would act in his job and you must believe in your chances. Do you believe? Are you ready? Okay, let’s progress to the questions!

Ten tough interview questions and answers for customer service

Question 1: How would you deal with an aggressive, or with a strongly unsatisfied customer?

Customers are just people. You will have to deal with all kind of people. The good answer to this question is that you would definitely approach an angry customer with smile, try to stay calm and positive and uncover the reason why he was unsatisfied or behaved offensively. Once you uncovered this reason, you would try to solve his problem, or call an experienced staff member to help you. Good customer assistant wouldn’t be afraid of angry customers. They simply belong to this job.


Question 2: Is there anything extra you would do for your customer, to make him as happy as possible?

Nowadays, the competition on the job market is huge. With this sort of questions, interviewers simply try to identify if you belong to the exceptional customer service assistants, or are just an average one.

You should say that you would have an informal talk with the customer, just to make him feeling better, or that you would not mind giving a customer a small unexpected gift, of course if it complied with company policy. Hand shaking also means a lot for people – it’s a gesture of friendship. You should simply be creative when answering this question.


Question 3: If a customer buys 3 items, each for $4.43, and gives you $20 bill, what is the change?

With such mathematical interview questions, recruiters test your basic math skills and see if you won’t make basic mistakes in work. However, it’s tough to get prepared for these math questions in advance… You should simply pay attention and listen carefully, to remember the exercise and solve it calmly. Feel free to use pen and paper for quick calculation. Show them that you are prepared and really want to get this job. Most importantly, take the task seriously – many job seekers won’t take it. It’s not any joke, it’s an interview. Your interview!


Question 4: What plays the key role in the success of retail business? Price, product value, or communication?

In some cases, both price and product value play the key role. But as an applicant for CS position, you should definitely say communication. Communication is important. Some people will come to shop again, just because they like the approach of the staff. Walmart built the business model on it (in the past), and it is pretty much reflected in Walmart interview too.


Question 5: The role-play.

Doesn’t matter if you like it or not, role-play will come in many customer service interviews. You will play the assistant and the interviewer will play a customer with specific needs, or desires.

You can practice these scenarios with a friend, before the start of your interview. She should represent different types of customers, a stupid one, angry one, friendly one… The key to succeed is to stay calm and patient, customer oriented and friendly. Show such a behavior in your interview and your chances of nailing it will be pretty good.


Question 6: What are your weaknesses?

Every person has some weaknesses and the customer assistants too. However, you should never mention things like aggressiveness, bad communication skills or fear of talking to people. Oppositely, good weaknesses to mention are the tendency to be over friendly to customers, or a lack of computer skills (typically it does not matter for this job).


Question 7: Where do you see yourself in three years from now?

Let’s face it: There are very limited career growth possibilities for customer service workers. That’s why you should say that you would like to have a good job in the sane field in three years time. To say that you simply like to help the customers and that it makes you happy in work is a good answer too.


Question 8: Why should we hire you?

You should mention unique skills and abilities you have. You need to come up with something unique, something that differentiate you from other applicants for a job. Look at the following ideas for an inspiration:


People really enjoy being with me and I am sure they will return to the store again.


I am very enthusiastic in work, what helps all the other people to feel the same and work effectively.


There are many possible answers to this question. However, the key is to mention the ability, or feature, you really have. Employers are not stupid and they will easily uncover your lies…


Question 9: Are there any customers you have problems with?

Some of us do not like to talk to teenagers, while some other struggle to deal with seniors. However, as a good applicant for this job you should mention that you can get along with everyone and enjoy this diversity your job offers. To emphasize that you approach every group of customers differently, according to their preferences and attitudes will win you the hearts of many recruiters. Try to use it for your answer.


Question 10: Why do you want to be employed as a customer service assistant in our company?

This is a tricky question. Good answer can win you a job and the bad one can ruin your chances completely. Therefor, you should focus on positives. Let’s have a look at some sample answers:

  • I really like the way the customer assistants approach people in this store. I can imagine to do it too and would be proud to work in such an environment.
  • I like your products and am a regular customer here myself. These preferences will for sure help me in my job, as I can speak to the customers about my own positive experience with products and convince them to make a purchase.


These were ten tough questions for customer service interviews. Do you want to know more?

Well, if you apply for a customer service job at Walmart, or at Target, check Walmart Interview Guide , or Target Interview Guide. One was written by Jacob Gates, famous recruiter and co-author of It’s definitely worth having a look at it. Enjoy!

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