Customer service. Show me one person who has never had at least a short stint in this field. It is no doubt the most popular job field (in terms of number of applications), simply because there are so many offers, and the entry barrier is typically very low. Everyone with a high school diploma and some motivation can apply, and succeed. Considering the huge number of offers advertised at any time, it is just logical that hiring managers wonder why you picked exactly their job opening, and not one of the dozens others advertised in the area. Hence you will often face this question, either directly on an online job application, or in the interview.

Honestly speaking, most people do not care much. And they apply for multiple offers in customer service. Job search is a game of numbers, and relying on a single application (for the offer you like the most) isn’t a sensible strategy that will land you a job in a short time. As you can imagine though, this isn’t something you should say in the interviews. On the contrary, the interviewers want to hear that you picked their offer in particular, or at least that it is your first choice.

In order to convince them, you can point out several things: your preference for their brand, location of the job, recommendation you got from a friend working for the company, employee benefits, fitting shift-patterns or working hours, you long term career goals, and other. Let’s have a look at sample answers for each of them and then some. I hope at least one of them will resonate with you, and help you come up with the right words when it matters the most. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why are you interested in this customer service position?” interview question

  1. I just always enjoyed shopping here. Not only because of the excellent organization of this store and the product selection–including the in-house brands, but also because of a amazing level of customer service I have always got here. I believe this is how things should be done, a shopping experience all retail stores should strive for. You do things the right way here, one that resonates with my own beliefs and values. Looking for a job in customer service, it is no surprise that I found your offer the most interesting of all, at least for me personally.
  2. I am interested in your customer service position for the working hours. Since I still study, I cannot do a normal schedule, as they typically have in most companies. What’s more, I am busy during the weekends. Hence I was looking for a customer service job that I can do only in the afternoons and evenings, and without an obligation to do weekend shifts. You are the only company advertising such an offer in this city at the moment, and that’s why I decided to apply with you. On the top of that, I like the job offer and find the compensation fair and reasonable.
  3. I got a recommendation from my friend Mary, who’d been working in this supermarket for over two years. She said good things about the job, the relationships in the workplace–something that matters a lot to me, and also about the working conditions. And honestly it helped me a lot with my decision. Because there are so many offers with similar salaries and working hours, that it isn’t easy to choose one from them. And I actually applied for four, to improve my chances to succeed, but because of the feedback I got from Mary, your company is my first choice.
  4. Job security is the answer. You are the biggest groceries retailer in this country. Your company has been around for decades. Sure, some smaller places may offer better payment and less workload, but in my position, with children and bills to pay, I am looking for a job with a company that won’t bankrupt in the next recession, and one that always pays their employees on time. You meet the criteria. On the top of that, I like the career growth options here. One doesn’t need a degree to make a career here. Some of your store managers are a living proof of this. If one works hard and gives their best every day at work, they can eventually make a great career in your company.
  5. I just love the banking environment. The way you deal with clients, the dress code, the vibe of the place. That’s why I’d love to work as a teller, and since I have a good experience with your bank–from the position of a client, I found your offer super interesting. It would be a dream come true to serve your customers daily here, with smile and dignity.
  6. It is the location of the job. I live just five minutes walking distance from your restaurant. And since I do not have a driving license, and at the same time I do not fancy the idea of spending hour or more just commuting to work daily, this seems like a perfect place of work to me. On the top of that, I have dined here a few times, and I can say only good things about the kitchen. Maybe the customer service needs a bit of improvement, but that will be taken care of as soon as I start working here.
  7. To be honest, I do not have a particular preference for your offer. I find it interesting, because of the job duties, employee benefits you offer, and the shift patterns. But I find many other offers interesting as well, and I think we are really lucky to have such a choice in customer service, so many options. I applied for five job openings, and will accept the first offer I get from from any of these five, including you.

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also sample answers to other tricky customer service interview questions:

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