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Behavior based interview questions are the common part of a job interview nowadays.

Recruiters try to understand your behavior in the past, and based on that determine your behavior in the future. The precondition is that if you solved situation A certain way in the past, you will solve situation similar to situation A the same way in the future.

Woman thinking about behavior based interview questionsHowever, there are recruiting experts who disagree with this form of interview. People should learn from their experience and evolve as personalities. So in fact if you solved situation A in the past some way, you should be able to act in a better way next time, utilizing the experience.

Honestly, we advice you to answer behavior based interview questions about the past not the way you really acted in the past. Rather think how would you act in the situation today, with all your skills and experience. That is the way to present your personality and formulas of thinking realistically to the employer. Past is the past, today you are someone else as two years before…


Several behavior based interview questions for your inspiration

  • Remember on the situation when some of your colleagues was so desperate from either his personal or his working life that he lost his motivation to work completely. How did you help him to regain his composure?
  • Remember on the toughest conflict you had with one of your subordinates. What was this conflict about and how did you solve the conflict?
  • Try to remember on situation when you were seriously behind schedule. What did you do to ensure that all tasks will be completed on time?


  • You for sure had to work overtime sometimes. Maybe there occurred a situation when you had to sacrifice something in your personal life (a dinner with girl friend or something similar) because of your work. How did you handle the situation and explain it to your friends?
  • Is there any goal you set in the past but wasn’t able to accomplish yet? Tell me something more about it.
  • Was there a situation in work when you persuaded the whole team to do things your way? What was the situation and how did you persuade the colleagues?
  • Try to remember on the situation when you solved a big problem using some creative way.
  • Was there any situation in the past when you took a bad decision and needed to carry the consequences?

We gave here some examples of general behavior based interview questions. However the questions you will get in your job are likely to be more related to the role you are applying for.

If you apply for the role of customer assistant, behavior based interview questions will target various assistant – customer scenarios and similarly.

Anyway the truth is that you can hardly prepare for behavior based interview questions in advance. You simply get the question, recollect the memory, and tell them what happened. Or as we advised you in this article: What would happen if the situation occurs today. Good luck!

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