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To do really well in an interview is something many applicants dream of. However, the thing you should dream of is not to do well in an interview, but to get a job in the end. These things are not that related as many people think… have a look at I Will Get a Job Recording to understand better what we talk about.

To be honest, there are applicants with an ability to ace practically every interview, that is true. But this skill is based on two things, that are difficult to learn.

  • Very high level of job related experience
  • Very high level of soft skills


Honestly, it’s difficult if not impossible to change your soft skills, just before an interview… It’s just not possible in a short time.

The only thing you can do in a short time, to also have a chance of acing an interview, is to check some special interview tips and tricks other people are not aware of and do not use. There are some… you can find it on this website…

But if you have enough time, you should definitely focus also on your soft skills. Let’s have a look at the important one.


What soft skills are important?

The question is, what soft skills decide in the interview? Or said more exactly, what soft skills do you need to have an ability of impressing the panel of interviewers, which typically consists of people bored to dead? Here is the list:

    Acing the interview is not a problem for this guy on the picture

  • Communication skills, especially listening skills – Nowadays, only five percent of population have an ability to really listen to the communication of other person, and answer his or her questions to the point. If you use some coaching or soft skills trainings¬† to improve your communication skills, you are on a good way to not only ace an interview, but also to improve your relations with other people and be popular.
  • Selling yourself – It’s a sad obstacle to see a job seeker possessing the skills needed for a job, but unable to sell it to the interviewers. To sell is a key ability not only in the interviews, but in fact in entire life. Improve your selling skills, and your chances of doing well in the interview will grow dramatically.
  • Fast thinking ability – Interviewers love to see an applicant who is able to analyze the problem and give a solution quickly, without too much doubts. However, to gain this ability, you should know something from project management, process management, the job itself, and on the top of that, you should have some kind of real business experience. Anyway, if you improve your fast thinking ability, you can easily be the chosen one again and again. And again.
  • Being humble – Well, proud applicants that think they know everything and can do even more rarely get the job these days. Of course, self confidence is very important. But somewhere deeply inside we all know that no one is perfect. Being able to admit your own weaknesses and places for improvement can make a difference.


As you can see, to do well in an interview is not easy at all.¬† Good for you to know though is that in eight of ten interviews, there is nobody who aces it…

So you should just try your best, follow the advices and interview tips presented here, maybe purchase some special help and get the job. We know you can do it. But, will you?

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