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Five job applicants are waiting for their interview. Surprisingly, they seem to be in an excellent mood. Three women wear black skirts and identical tops, two men wear jackets and ties.Who will get the job? The most experienced candidate? The one with the best education? Or the applicant who gives the best answers to the toughest interview questions?

One way or another, it will be the one who succeeds to stand out from the rest of the pack. They can stand out with education, experience, skills, charisma, or interviewing skills. The following tips should help you to learn how you can stand up.

Job interview is a sales talk

It is not what you know, or experienced, that matters, but what you can convince the interviewers about. Can they see the value you can bring to their team?

A person who did nothing but flipping burgers at McDonald’s for past five years can get a managerial job, if they manage to convince the recruiters that their job at McD’s has prepared them perfectly for a role of a manager.

Oppositely, a candidate with MBA degree and ten years of professional experience can fall short, unless they demonstrate their skills in a managerial interview.

Show them the value you can bring. Do not tell what you did, or studied. Tell what you learned, and achieved. Tell them how your knowledge and experience translates into the value you can bring to their team. That’s what professional selling is about–to showing the customer the value they will get with their “purchase”.

You come to the interview for THEM. They did not come for YOU

Every day, recruiters meet job candidates who think and talk only about their own careers and dreams. People who always have another offer on their table, and who believe that the world is turning around them.

These people rarely succeed in an interview.

The key is to stay humble. You should pay attention to the interviewers, show respect to them, do your research, and let them to actually lead an interview with you. Only this approach will result in the right atmosphere in the room, and in your good chance of signing a job contract at the end of the interview.


Extra efforts bring extra results

Only one of every ten job candidates brings a recommendation from their previous boss, or a work portfolio, to the interview. Most people will bring only their resume, or they will bring nothing at all, relying on the Hr managers to print the job application.

Everything that happens before, during, and after the interview reflects your motivation and interest for the job.

Do you print your resume? Do you send a follow-up letter? Do you research about the company prior to the interview?

The interviewers take notice of everything (both consciously and subconsciously), and whether they hire you or not depend on many small details. The more you do, the more effort you put into your interview preparation, the better your chances of succeeding will be.


Believe into yourself

There is a value in YOU. You just have to believe it and show it to the employers. Even if you have failed in fifty interviews before, you can succeed in the next one.

The failures from the past have nothing to do with your chances of succeeding in your very next interview. But unless you believe in your chances, unless you are ready to succeed in your mind, you will never make it.

The success starts with a right mindset. Right mindset will lead to the correct interview preparation, and positive presence in an interview. Believe, and succeed!

The Team at wishes you good luck!

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