Yogurtland is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. Opening plethora of new restaurants on both sides of the Pacific, they are almost always hiring. The company is famous for their laid back and chilled approach to interviewing job candidates, but it doesn’t mean that you will get a job, if you answer their questions with silence…

It’s better knowing what to expect, and prepare a short answer to each question they may ask you. In this short article we will look at 10 questions they commonly ask at Yogurtland, when interviewing candidates for basic in-store positions, such as cashier, front desk, team member, or shift lead. Let’s start!


Why do you want to work for Yogurtland? Why not one of the other famous franchise chains?

You have a few options for a good answer here. First one is that you support healthy lifestyle. You do not want to help making the population sick, serving them artificial burgers or sauces full of sugar and additives. It’s just not your cup of coffee. And since you believe in the importance of consuming quality milk produce, especially yogurts with active cultures, Yogurtland was your first choice.

Another alternative is referring to their concept, and how well they are doing. You prefer the self-service style of restaurant, and really like the vibe of the place. You’ve always enjoyed watching the staff at work while you were enjoying your yogurt, and now you’d like to join their ranks. It’s fine praising also something else, such as the design of the place, the affordability of the products, or anything else.

At the end of your answer they should get an impression that Yogurtland is your first choice for employment, at least within the possibilities you can realistically consider.


Can you tell us more about your previous working experience?

Try to talk positively about the places, even if you left them, or didn’t like the conditions much. Emphasize any customer service work you’ve done, be it behind the cash desk, or directly on the floor. You should also have an explanation ready why you left that former job. But even if it was some serious issue (for example some problems you had with your manager, or the place being understaffed and you working for 16 hours a day at times), you should try to maintain a positive outlook, and consider it a good lesson…

It’s fine applying with Yogurtland without any previous experience. Just ensure them that you read the job description carefully, and know what they expect from their employees–you have the experience from the other side of the cash desk, enjoying a frozen yogurt in one of their restaurants many times. Hence you know what a good customer service looks like, in Yogurtland standards.

What is your availability? Are you still studying?

The most important thing here is to be 100% clear about your availability, and to not put the job on the last place on the list of your priorities. School goes before work, that’s for sure. But other than that, when you are not studying or attending classes, you are ready to take the shift.

Make a schedule for the entire week, clearly outlining when you can work and when you are studying (or taking care of something else essential). This shows the hiring managers that you did your homework, consider the job seriously, and are ready to sacrifice something (such as some hobby or leisure time activity) for your job with Yogurtland.


Do you have reliable transportation to and from work?

Again, you should do your homework. If you live nearby, the best thing to say is that you plan to walk to work, or ride a bike. They like active people at Yogurtland, and you’re not going to be late walking, because there’s a traffic jam or you missed the tram–which can always happen when you rely on other form of transport.

If you live far from the place, check the possibilities of getting there, and back home, when your shift ends (can be quite late in the evening). Ensure the interviewers that you have some reliable transport available, and do not see a reason why you’d not get to work, always on time. You can even say that you prefer to arrive 15 minutes earlier, counting in advance with possible delays.


Are you comfortable cleaning the place, swiping the floor?

They may ask you about some less obvious duties, or directly how you imagine your day at work. Mark my words–regardless of your position with Yogurtland, you will do some cleaning. Because they love to keep the place clean, including the floor.

Say them that you understand that cleanness is a part of Yogurtland brand. You do not only feel comfortable swiping the floor, or cleaning the tables, or whatever. As soon as you see that something is dirty, for example that one of the customers came in with dirty boots and left some mud on the floor, you will use the first opportunity (when no customers demand your attention) to take care of it and to clean the place. That’s the attitude they seek in a great employee at Yogurtland.


What would you do if customer came back in and said you have them the wrong change?

Rules and clear and you should not give out any freebies. Having said that, you should show some tact as well. For example, if it was a regular customer, someone who stops for a yogurt almost daily and never complained before, you’d likely accept their request–even if you were not sure whether you had really made a mistake.

On the contrary, if it was a first timer, and they returned two minutes after they had left the store, you would apologize, but politely reject their request. Because they already left the place and you cannot be sure whether you really gave them wrong change, or they are just trying their luck and enjoy a free yogurt…


How would you handle a coworker you don’t get along with?

Say that you will try to respect each coworker. Everyone has some mistakes–including you, and you will try your best to be friendly to your colleagues, to get along well on the shift.

Of course if they neglected their duties, or let you to do all the work in the restaurant, while they chatted with their boyfriend, or checked their Instagram, you’d report it to the manager.

You understand that teamwork is an important part of the working culture at Yogurtland. At the same time, however, people should work hard, and you are not there to take care of someone else’s duties.

You can also say that you’d take the initiative. If you felt that something was not right in the way your colleague treats you or the job, you’d speak to them, trying to understand what’s wrong, and help them address the situation.


This job is repetitive. What would motivate you to try hard every day?

You can say that all jobs for people like you–a student, or someone looking for their first job, are repetitive. Hence you do not really see it as an issue, or a minus. Everyone has to starts somewhere.

You can also address the questions from a different angle, saying that while the duties are the same the customer change, you see new faces and hear new voices every day. From this perspective, the job isn’t repetitive.

Taking it one step further, you can even say that you prefer repetitive jobs. You aren’t the most creative kid in the block, and it’s better for you if the duties repeat, so you can learn how to do them and don’t have to learn something new each month.


What do you look for in a manager?

Avoid saying anything that could be a showstopper, such as that you prefer an older boss, or a male boss. Many managers at Yogurtland are young, and many of them are women, and in any case–that’s not something that determines a good or bad manager.

You can say that you expect an open communication. They should tell you when they do not like something about your work, so you can address it promptly. But they should also be receptive to the feedback from their subordinates, and hear them out. At the end of the day, even the lowest ranked employee can notice something important, or bring a good idea onboard.

You can also point out other personal characteristics, but I suggest you to not be extremely demanding. It’s fine saying that you look for a good leader in a manager though.


What does responsibility mean to you?

Try to point out things that relate to the job. For example, that responsibility means:

  • Being always on time, and if you get stuck in traffic or something similar, notifying your manager immediately.
  • Taking care of all your duties, including cleaning the tables or swiping the floor.
  • Following the working manual to the point.
  • Trying your best every day at work, even if you do not experience your best day in personal life, or at school.

Show them that you are mature enough to approach your job responsibly, and take care of everything they expect you to take care of…

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