Each job has some pluses and minuses. Of course, working as a security guard, you won’t earn as much money as you’d earn in some managerial or engineering job. On the other hand, the entry barrier is much lower, and once your shift ends you can forget your job completely and focus on your life outside of work–friends, family, hobbies, relax.

Explaining your motivation in an interview (or on a job application), you can refer to some of these advantages, explaining how they fit your present life situation. You can and perhaps should add something else though. Tell the hiring managers how your strengths and skills should help you do a good job as a security officer, how they match with the job description.

Last but not least, you can also be extremely honest. Maybe you find yourself in a difficult situation. You’ve been unemployed for a while, or struggle in other interviews. Or you are nearing retirement age, and most employers did not even give you as chance. In such a situation you are grateful for any opportunity, and will gladly accept the job of a security guard.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question now. Once you are done with them, I suggest you to have a look also on the list of all security guard interview questions and answers. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to be a Security Guard?” interview question

  1. I find the job an excellent match to my strengths. I have great observation skills, you can rely on me in every situation, I enjoy this type of work, and I do not lack courage. At the same time, I am aware of my weaknesses. I’m not the smartest person in the city and I may find it hard to work on some intellectual tasks, which basically disqualifies me from certain jobs. But I feel completely ready for the job of a security officer, and hope you will give me a chance to prove my skills at work.
  2. To be honest, I do not have many options at this stage of my professional career. I have been unemployed for three years, am already in my fifties, and do not have a stellar resume. And I try to be realistic about my situation, instead of daydreaming of some jobs I am not qualified for. At the same time, however, I belong to the society and have bills to pay like everyone else. Therefor my main criteria is a job I can realistically get, and keep for the foreseeable future. Position of a security officer is exactly such a job. But it doesn’t mean I apply only because of it. I like the job description, and believe that I can do a good job as a security guard.
  3. The job fits my schedule perfectly. Considering my life and duties outside of work, I prefer working at night. On the job advertisement I read that you are looking for someone for night shifts. And it fits me perfectly. I can keep my focus during a night shift, do not have a problem with staying vigilant, and as I’ve said, it really fits my other duties and obligations. That’s the reason no. 1 why I want to work as a security guard. Besides that, I consider myself a good fit for the job, and believe to meet all job requirements as described on your job ad.
  4. I know it may look surprising with my level of education. But life is a change, and I learned in my managerial job that I find it extremely hard to bear the responsibility of a manager. Because in my mind I never stopped working. I was thinking about the work back home, always pressured by deadlines and goals. During the night I often dreamed about work–if I could fall asleep at all. It had a negative impact on both my health and family life. I knew I needed a change. Now, more than anything else, I am looking for a job I can forget in a moment of leaving the office. Do what I can, take care of my duties, but once the shift is over I do not want to think about work for one extra second. Security guard fits the description. What’s more, your shopping mall is just 10 minutes walking distance from my apartment, so I won’t spend much time commuting to work. That’s another advantage in my view.
  5. I’ve been working in the field for ten years already. And I believe that my past two employers were extremely satisfied with my work. But I have moved to this city due to family reasons, and have to look for a new job. In my opinion, it makes a perfect sense to apply for a job of a security guard again, and benefit from my long experience in the field. I feel ready to do a great job and protect your property from day one, and hope you will give me a chance to prove my skills.
  6. Speaking honestly, I am looking for any job. Bills are pressing me, so does my family, and I do not want to end up on the street. I’ve read the job description, and feel ready, both physically and mentally, to do a good job as a security officer in your business. And the salary you offer will cover my living costs. In my present situation I have dozens of reasons to give this application a try, and cannot see a single reason why I should skip it. Of course, I may be more ambitious in the future, looking for something better, perhaps within your company. But at the time being I will be grateful for any job, and am ready to give my 100% each day, in order to keep it.
  7. I feel like a great match for the job. First of all, I am in a great shape. A thief would have no chance running away from me. Secondly, I have great communication skills, and observation skills, and believe I will be able to solve any problem that may happen in the store, as long as it falls within the scope of my competences. Last but not least, I do not have great education, which sort of limits the number of jobs I can realistically get at the moment. From the jobs I can apply for, I find the position of a security guard the best choice. That’s why I want to be a security guard, and not, let’s say, a construction worker or a warehouse employee…


Try to point out something positive about the job

The hiring manager should not get an impression that security guard is your last option. Even if it is the case, you should point out things you like about the job–shift patterns, easy on the mind, ability to log many hours each month, position of authority, decent salary, and so on.

Ensure them that you won’t quit as soon as a better offer rings your inbox. You know why you want to work as a security guard, the position makes sense to you at this stage of your professional career, and you are eager to start and prove your skills…

Conclusion, other interview questions for security officers

Interview for a job of a security guard does not belong to difficult interviews. On the other hand, the job is quite popular, especially nowadays when many people lost their jobs, and you may compete with other people for the position. It can be two, five, but also twenty, depending on the place of work and working conditions.

Try to prepare as well as you can. Do some research about your prospective employer, check all interview questions for security guards, and make sure to show enthusiasm for the job, and for everything ahead of you. You can also check 7 sample answers to other tricky questions you may face:

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